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Viewfun DP77 7" Dual Screen Portable Tablet DVD Player

Viewfun DP77 7" Dual Screen Portable Tablet DVD Player

  • £11998

The Viewfun/ Mustek DP77 is Dual Screen Tablet Portable DVD Player mobility without boundaries. This backseat cinema features two 7-inch LCD widescreens that mount snugly in harnesses behind front seat headrests, playing DVD movies, music CDs and Kodak® Picture CDs, all the while being compatible with most gaming consoles.

The Viewfun/ Mustek PD77 actually comprises of one stand-alone portable DVD player with display (the main unit) and one extra monitor. You can use the main unit as a DVD player alone in your car or at home. You can also use the extra monitor as display for othe devices like PS2, PS3, iPod Video, Digital cameras via composite AV input. This design provides the end user 3 key advantages than those dual screen DVD player available in the supermarkets

Mustek PD77 dual screen tablet dvd player: headrest mount
  • You can use the main unit alone to watch movie (as it is a DVD player with 7" screen); while with the supermaket models you have to carry a lot more: the DVD player + One or two screen + messy cable to connect the DVD player to the screen(s)
  • Both the main unit & extra monitor has special fittings to makes it easy to attach them to the headrest, and they looks nice & neat once fitted.
  • There are only two cables to make both screens working in the car (one power cable from cigar lighter socket splits into two, one for each screen, plus one AV cable connect the two screens), in comparision to the messy & complicated 4 or 5 cables involved for those supermarket models

The Viewfun/ Mustek PD77 dual screen portable DVD player is a region 2 DVD player by default.

Key Features

  • Portable DVD Player with Dual Screens (7")
  • Playable Disk Types
    DVD Video • DVD-R • DVD-RW • DVD+R • DVD+RW • CD (Audio) • CD-R • CD-RW • Picture CD
  • Playable File Formats MP3 • JPEG
  • Audio Surround Sound Dolby Digital (Digital out only)
  • Connections Outputs Headphone Jack
  • Remote Control Standard
  • Weight 1.76 lb. , Dimensions Depth 1.73 in. x Height 6.1 in. x Width 8.31 in.
  • Note: This has no battery included in this package, Pls buy the Mustek DP77 Dual Screen Portable DVD player which has battery in the package.
Mustek PD77 dual screen tablet dvd player: accessories

Package Content

  • Mustek DP77 7" dual screen protable DVD player
  • Remote Controll
  • Car Adapter
  • Mains Adapter (UK 3pin)
  • Car Headrest Harness Straps
  • AV cable
  • User Manual

Warranty Info

These Mustek DP77 Dual Screen Portable DVD player are brand new in retail box with 2 years warranty.

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