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ViBr8 Portable Capsule Speakers w/ Built-In Rechargeable Batteries For iPod, DVD, MP3/MP4 Players

ViBr8 Portable Capsule Speakers w/ Built-In Rechargeable Batteries For iPod, DVD, MP3/MP4 Players

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ViBR8 XTreme portable capsule speakers are small in Size, Big in Power and Appealing to the Eyes. In short, it is IRRESISTIBLE! It is time to share your music, movies, game, work, etc with your friends on all occasions, whether you are using your iPod, iPhone, notebook, netbook, portable DVD player, MP3, MP4, PSP or any other game consoles with headphone jack. The 2pcs of dome-shaped speakers with 1.7w each and the patented expandable feature will appeal to your hearing and visual senses and as one user sums it up in one sentence, "Incredible pocket size speakers with a revolutionary accordion design that will certainly WOW you...!"

Key Features of Vibr8 Capsule Speakers

  • Great Audio - Patented Expandable design to provide bass enrichment
  • Excellent Connectivity: normal-size headphone jack makes it compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3/MP4, laptops, game consoles, portable DVD players... anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Unique Design - small size and appealing with built-in rechargeable batteries to give you the portability
  • Magnetic base to enhance portability
  • Smart USB cable - Charges lithium battery while playing
  • 50cm cable to connect the two speakers for optimal listening distance to enrich 2 channel stereo field
  • Colour and texture: Black leather look
  • Dimensions: diameter 55mm x 36.5mm Height (closed position) and 56mm Height (open position)
  • Net weight: 112g
  • Power Output: 1.7w x 2
  • Signal and Noise: > 80dB
  • AMP Frequency Range: 280 Hz - 16 KHz
  • Lithium Battery Voltage: 4.2V
  • Battery Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Playtime: approx 6 hours when fully charged
vibr8 portable speaker and ipod

Package Content

  • iRock ViBR8 XT stereo speakers with Builtin Rechargeable Batteries
  • Audio and USB cables
  • Carry pouch
  • User manual

Warranty Info

iRock ViBr8 Portable Mini Speakers w/ Built-In Rechargeable Batteries ar brand new in retail box with full 12 months warranty.

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