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VESAHTV Allcam Hanging Down Adaptor VESA to VESA (Vertical Monitor to Horizontal Tray) to mount MDM-KBT01 and MINIKBT02 tray attachments

  • £1498

The Allcam VESAHTV extends the usability of a mounting bracket, allowing a horizantally attached device to be mounted below a screen, using the screens bracket. This adaptor is perfect for mounting a keyboard tray below a screen, as it needs no extra mounting holes and allows the height and tilt of the keyboard to be changed. Works well with Allcam MDM-KBT01 and MINIKBT02 keyboard trays.

Key Features

  • Add a horizontal device mounter onto any VESA 75/100 mounting holes, without using up the space
  • Adaptor fits between the screen and the mounting bracket allowing you to have a VESA mounted screen and another device mounted to the same place
  • Perfect for mounting a keyboard tray below a screen
  • Adjust how low the extra device hangs below the screen
  • Tilt the extra device +/- 25°
  • Mounts any device with VESA 150 or 150x50 mounting holes


What monitor mounts are compatible?

Any mounting plate which has VESA 75/100 mounting holes (75x75mm and 100x100mm), including allcam monitor mounts such as: MDM0, MDM01, MDM02, MDM05, MDM06, MDM07, MDM11S, MDM12D, and MDM12.

Could this be used to create a wall mounted work station?

Yes, attach this to a wall-mounted screen, add a keyboard tray, and you're on the way to having a wall-mounted work station which can be accessed quickly while standing up. This could be very useful when a computer needs to be swapped between many users quickly, such as in a warehouse.