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VESA Bracket for MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 MDM07 Multi Monitor Arm Bracket

VESA Bracket Module for MDM01 MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 MDM07 Monitor Arm Bracket (axis length Options)

  • £698

The VESA Bracket module is the part of the MDM0D, MDM01, MDM02, MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 MDM07 multi LCD Monitor Arm Brackets which attaches to the monitor, the combination can then fix to an arm moudle or a joint lock.

There are two different VESA Bracket modules: one with a longer axis, for fixing to joint locks or long arm modules with extra end bit (see image below), and one with shorter axis, for fixing to short arm modules or long arm modules with flat end (see image below), please select your option below. Normally the short arms always have flat end and long arms always with "extra bit", but long arms with extra end bit are available on request.

vesa bracjet modules: long  short axis
long arm modules: with extra end bit vs flat end

Pls note these VESA bracket module is NOT compatible with MDM11S, MDM12D, MDM12Q series multi LCD monitor arm desk mount bracket.

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