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Verbatim 16x DVD+R Media LightScribe 5pk

Verbatim 16x DVD+R Media LightScribe 5pk

  • £305

If you have a DVD burner with Lightscribe technology, then this Verbatim 16x DVD+R with lightscribe 5pcs/pack is for you. Imagine taking a disc, inserting it into a drive and burning your data onto it. Nothing new there you are thinking, well now imagine taking that same disc, flipping it over in the same drive and then creating a professional-looking label, that is laser-etched onto the discs surface.

Lightscribe will not work is your DVD burner does not have lightscribe capability.

One pack contains 5pcs of the Verbatim 16xDVD+R lightscribe media in jewel cases.

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