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Under Desk Cable Tray Basket Galvanized Steel Mesh w/ Mounting Bracket, Cover & End cap

  • £1380

Allcam galvanized steel mesh under desk cable trays are effective yet low cost cable management solution. They are large enough to carry and conceal all telephone, computer, monitor and electrical wires under the desk.

The cable tray baskets measures H 6cm x W 11.5cm x various Lengths: 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, and 180cm. The minimum clearance under the desk (including the mounting bracket) is 12cm.

Allcam under-desk cable tray baskets are made of heavy duty ø5mm steel wire, galvanised to match any modern office environment.

The mounting tool, end cap, and tray cover are made of fire-resistant ABS. Each cable tray with two mounting tools will support load up to 5kg, if that is NOT enough, just add more mounting tools proportionally, for example, add 2 more mounting tools for load up to 10kg.

The mounting tool can mount the cable tray to the bottom of a desk / table, or a wall, or a vertical panel.

Allcam under-desk cable tray comes with a unique tray cover, which secure the cables inside the tray.