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Thunderbolt 3/ USB C to HDMI / VGA 4K HD Video Adapter, Gigabit Network Adapter, 3x USB 3.0 Hub, USB Type C Fast Charger Adapter, and USB C Cable 5-in-1

  • £3998

This Thunderbolt 3/ USB C adapter provides universal connectivity in modern meeting rooms and hot desking offices. By simply plug this adapter to their USB-C-enabled laptop, phone, or tablet, your staff or guests can conveniently access your big screen TVs, LCD monitors, projectors, and USB/ network storage, as well as charge their connected device*(Note #1).

Macbook Thunderbolt 3 & Laptop computer USB C to HDMI 4K UHD video adapter

Key Features

  • One adapter does it all: output Video/Audio to HDMI/VGA monitors/projectors, gigabit network, storage, and battery charging* (Note #1)
  • HDMI output up to 4K 30Hz UHD, VGA output up to 1080p 60Hz full HD
  • 3 ports USB 3.0 hub, 1 with 5V 2.1A fast charging, 2 with 5V 0.9A charging.
  • Support USB Type C PD fast charge the connected phone/laptop (the laptop/phone 's original charger must be plugged into this adapter * Note #1).
  • Builtin in cable storage, Hard metal casing, Compact size (111*55*18 mm) and light weight (106 g)

The Thunderbolt 3/ USB C adapter is compatible with MacBook and MacBook Pro (2016 and later), HP Spectre 13 / Envy, Dell XPS13, XPS15, Chromebook Pixel, One Plus 2, 3/ 3T, Samsung GALAXY S8/ S8+, S9/ S9+, Note 8, HUAWEI Mate 10/ 10 pro, Mate 20,  P20/ P20 Pro,  and many other USB-type-C-enabled phones, laptops, and tablet computers USB type-C devices*(Note #4)


  • 1x USB Type C plug with 90 mm cable (to plug into laptop/phone/tablet)
  • 3x USB 3.0 port  (1 with 5V 2.1A fast charge, and 2 with 5V 900 mA)
  • 1x USB Type-C PD fast charge port (input, for the power supply of laptop/phone to plug in)
  • 1x HDMI output port (to connect to HDMI moitors/TVs)
  • 1x VGA output port

Smart Phone USB C to HDMI 4K Ultra HD video adapter

Notes & Tips


  1. The phone/laptop/Macbook 's original charger must be plugged into this adapter to charge your connected device, simply this adapter sits between your device and its charger / mains adapter.
  2. For best performance, devices connected to this hub should not exceed Max. current of 900mA. Otherwise, connection may become unstable or even disconnected.
  3. Only one video at a time, either HDMI or VGA whichever is detected first by the phone/computer.
  4. Not all phones/laptop with USB Type C port support the full features of USB type C, for example Huawei P9 have USB C port but does NOT support PD fast charge nor Video output. Please double check your phone/laptop's specification if your desired feature is actually supported and enabled.
  5. USB 3.0 may interferes with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and other wireless devices because of similar frequencies, in that case you can switch to your router 5GHz band.
  6. Thunderbolt 3 supports data transfer rates up to 40Gbps and max input of PD port up to 100W. Two-way transfer function can input and output data at same time; USB 3.0 supports maximum transfer rates up to 5Gbps and the max output up to 900mA.

laptop USB C to VGA monitor adapter


1. My Computer have USB 3.0 port, is this USB C Hub / Adapter compatible?
Sorry, not compatible.

2. is my iPhone X / 8 / 7 6 and iPad / iPad Pro / iPad Mini compatible?
No. The iPhones and iPads up to 2018 come with Lightning port only, including the iPhone X / 8 / 7 / 6, and iPad 2018 (6th Gen), iPad 2017 (5th Gen), iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Min. It is speculated that Apple may release the iPhone 11 / 12 featuring USB type C port.

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