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SWB201 2x Speaker Wall Mounts - Rotate 360° - Tilt 7.5° - Conceal wires

  • £1898

The SW201 is the perfect solution for mounting speakers onto the wall so that that take up no real space. These adjustable mounts can take speakers with a width of 137-280mm a weight of 25Kgs each, they can be rotated and tilted, and allow the speakers' wires to be concealed behind/within the wall for a very tidy look.




Key Features

  • 2 wall mounts for speakers for brick or wood walls (including beams)
  • Rotate 360° and tilt up/down 7.5° with included wrench
  • Conceal wires inside wall or leave them exposed
  • Speakers may be fixed to the mount with screws for added security
  • Screws, bolts, washers, nuts, and concrete anchors included
  • Speaker width 137-280mm
  • Max. weight 25Kgs per speaker


What kind of walls can I mount these on to?

These mounts can be fixed to brick and wood walls, including wooden beams; they are not suitable for mounting onto steel studs or cinderblock walls.

What equipment is included and what equipment will I require?

The supplied parts include two full mounts with all the screws, bolts, washers, nuts and concrete anchors to mount them onto either wood or brick walls, a wrench is also included to adjust rotation and tilt of the mounts. You will require a phillips screwdriver, a power-drill, and a spirit level, as well as a 3.8mm drill bit or an 8mm masonry bit, depending on whether the mount is being fixed to a wooden or brick wall respectively.

How can I be certain my speakers will be secure?

The mount holds the speakers in place from the bottom, so they should be secure as long as the mount is tightened enough. If you want to be extra certain, these mounts have holes which allow you to screw the speakers onto them; many wooden speakers allow for this compatibility, but be sure that yours do before fixing screws into them.

Warranty info

These SWB201 speaker mounts come brand new in a sealed box, with 3 years warranty.

Wires can be concealed inside the wall with this stand