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Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio with Full Motion Tip and Tilt Control in White

Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio with Full Motion Tip and Tilt Control in White

  • £3998

The Q2 Wi-Fi cube internet radio has no buttons or dials to contend with and is simplicity and style combined to produce a new unique new way to listen to the radio. Using the radio is a breeze, by tilting forward or backwards the volume can be raised or lowered.

You can even preset your top four favourite radio stations to each side of the Q2 cube and simply lay the cube on whichever side corresponds to your station of choice. With 8 hours battery life and included USB charging mains adaptor your Q2 cube will always be ready to give you high quality radio broadcasts anywhere in range of your Wi-Fi signal.

Using your home Wi-Fi network and the easy to set up software you can now listen to your favourite radio stations from all over the world that are available at the tilt of the cube.

Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio Cube Features:

  • Wi-Fi radio, connects via wireless broadband
  • Once set up there is no need to have your computer switched on
  • Simple to use - no buttons
  • Four presets, just tip over to change
  • Tilt it forward or back to raise or lower the volume
  • Easy setup via PC or Mac
  • Receives radio stations from all over the world
  • Plays podcasts
  • Re-chargeable battery and mains adapter 8 hours hattery life
  • Headphone/line out socket
  • Dimensions of 10x10x10(cm)

What is Wi-Fi Internet Radio?

Internet radio has actually been around since the mid-1990's. You can listen to an internet radio station by visiting the broadcaster's website and listen in to radio station broadcasts from all around the world, and all within easy reach via your desktop or laptop computer. There is usually a link to listen to a live broadcast and sometimes a link to listen to older recorded shows and podcasts. There are now well over 10,000 stations and counting, offering content in almost all languages from all over the world, on all subjects and interests and just about all musical types, styles and genres.

While this is great if you are sitting in front of your desktop or laptop computer, it's not really convenient if you just want to check out the world of internet radio but don't want to have to switch on your computer just to listen. Well now you can with the Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio.

The Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio picks up a signal from your wireless connection which is broadcast from your wireless router. A wireless router sends out a wireless or Wi-Fi signal that you would usually use to connect your laptop to the internet without wires. So to listen to Internet Radio over Wi-Fi you will need to make sure you already have a broadband internet connection, a wireless router, and the Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio.

What Makes Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio Different?

It's not about bells & whistles it's about simplicity. Results from our research is overwhelmingly clear, that despite the fact we all have access to the many thousands of radio stations and channels to choose from online, we all gravitate to just a handful of our favourite stations in the end! Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio has no buttons or controls and has just 4 presets. To change a channel, just turn the Q2 cube on to one of its sides, 4 sides 4 channels. To raise or lower the volume, just tip the Q2 Radio up or tilt it down.

Q2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio Cube Box Contents:
  • Q2 Wi-Fi Cube Radio in White

  • USB cable

  • USB Mains Adaptor

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Warranty Registration Card

Warranty Info

These Q2 Internet Radios are brand new, in retail boxes, 2 years warranty