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PCW120MET 120" HD Projector Screen 16:9 Widescreen Tab-Tensioned Electric Motorised w/ RF Remote

PCW120MET 120" HD Projector Screen 16:9 Widescreen Tab-Tensioned Electric Motorised w/ RF Remote

  • £13999

The PCW120MET projector screen delivers the ultimate cinematic experience to the home movie theaters, classrooms and conference rooms. The electric motor with a RF remote control enables you to conveniently open/close the projector screen while you sit comfortably on your sofa. Unlike the normal matte white projection screens, this tab-tension screen is capable of staying perfectly flat even after a few years of use. The massive 120" (265x148cm) screen size greatly enhances your video projector presentation to its best quality.

This 120" screen with its metal casing is 3.16 meters long; please make sure your room is big enough.

Key Features of the PCW120MET Projector Screen:

  • Tab-tension screen, stays perfectly flat even after a few years
  • Massive 120" screen (265x148cm) in 16:9 widescreen format; overall dimension including casing: 316x12x12cm
  • Clean crisp images – complimented by a black border
  • Quiet and smooth-running motor with RF remote control, RF technology means you don't even need to point your remote toward the motor!
  • Ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Wall and Ceiling Mountable – perfect for your home cinema
  • Black border dimensions: Left/Right - 4cm, Bottom - 9cm, Top - up to 29cm
  • Screen Material: Flexible PVC (same characteristics as Matte White)

The PCW120MET 120” motorised projector screen features black masking borders to increase picture focus. The silent synchronized motor that controls the screen delivers smooth, quiet and dependable operation. The RF remote control means you can open/close the screen while sitting comfortably on your sofa. Unlike normal remote controls which you must point at the controlling point and without obstruction, RF remote controls always work as long as the object is within range. The high effective scattered screen ensures optimum viewing from almost any seat in the room. The PCW120MET HD projection screen works well with a wide variety of home theatre projectors including LCD projectors and HD projectors.

Allcam stocks a range of projection screens for home-cinema, meeting rooms, and offices, including tripod screens, portable free-standing floor screens, wall and ceiling mounted electric motorised screens, 16:9 widescreen and 2.35:1 CinemaScope extra wide screens, tab-tensioned screens, an many more.


Q. I have a large space available for my projection screen. Should I opt for the PCW120MET tab tension projector screen or the PCW120GE glass beaded electric projection screen?

A. With its tab-tensioned design, the PCW120MET 120’’ motorised projector screen is ideal for people who want a screen that will maintain a perfect flat finish after a few years of use. While some customers prefer higher gain (2.5) of the PCW120GE glass beaded HD screen, which reflects more of the projector light back along the projection axis. The glass beaded finish therefore gives extremely vibrant colours.

Q. Is the PCW120MET home cinema screen suitable for use as a portable projection screen?

A. Due to its considerable size and weight we do not recommend that you often take the PCW120MET down and move it. The PCW120MET electric projector screen is more suited to being used in one location. If you need a portable projection screen then take a look at the PT90MM, PCT80MM, PCP60MM and PCP90MM portable projection screens.

Warranty Info

These PCW120MET electric projector screens come brand new in a sealed box with 3 years warranty.

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