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Nikon 62mm Soft Focus #2 Filter

Nikon 62mm Soft Focus #2 Filter

  • £1998

Nikon Soft Focus #2 Filter for Nikkor Lens with 62mm filter ring size. Soft Focus Filter reduces contrast and create a soft halo around the highlights, ideal for creating a hint of softness or blurred contours.

Allcam also stock the Nikon 62mm Soft Focus #1 Filter for the same price. Nikon soft focus #1 filter is good for portrait, the #2 is stronger and produces a fog like effect in landscapes a small subject surrounded by large dark areas.

Key Features of Nikon 62mm Soft Focus #2 Filter

  • The Soft Focus #2 filter helps you create the impression of fog in a landscape photograph.
  • This filter highlights small subjects against a field of dark space.
  • This filter imparts a slight flare to the image without blurring.
  • For even greater special effects, you can combine the Soft Focus #1 and #2 filters

A soft focus lens deliberately introduces spherical aberration in order to give the appearance of blurring the image while retaining sharp edges; it is not the same as an out-of-focus image, and the effect cannot be achieved simply by defocusing a sharp lens.

The soft focus effect is used as an effect for glamour photography, because the effect eliminates blemishes, and in general produces a dream-like image.

These Nikon 62mm Soft Focus #2 Filters are brand new in retail box, full 2 years warranty.

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