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MMS10D Twin Monitor Arm Desk Stand w/ Heavy Duty Base for 2 LCD/LED Monitors

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The MMS10D twin monitor stand mounts two LCD/LED monitors side by side. The monitors are held up by easily adjustable arms attached securely to a mounting pole. The arms can be swivelled around and the screens can be tilted, so the best viewing angles can be obtained. With its heavy solid metal base (35cm x 32cm, 3 cm tall) and strong 40cm-tall pole, this monitor stand will be the workhorse of any busy office. All LED/LCD monitors with VESA 75x75, or VESA 100x100 mounting holes at the back are compatible with MMS10D dual monitor stand.

Main Specifications

  • Fits all LED/LCD TVs & monitors with VESA 75 or 100 mounting holes (almost all mountable 15" to 27" monitors meet this requirement)
  • Dual flat screen LCD/LED monitor desk stand with metal base
  • Tilt screens up/down 30°, free swivel left/right 90°
  • Adjustable height 3cm to 40cm from desktop
  • 130° rotation allows monitors to be positioned in landscape or portrait
  • Extra heavy duty steel construction: up to 10 Kgs per monitor or 60 Kgs in total
  • Modular design – making the stand highly customisable

The difference between MMS10S and MMS10D LCD monitor stands is the later can mount 2 monitors and comes with articulate arms, giving you more flexibility in moving the monitors around and arranging the ideal work space. You can mount 2 monitors either side by side (for one user) or back to back, so two can have their screens mounted on the same stand.

Modular Design - customize the monitor stand to your own requirement

The Allcam MMS10-series of Multiple Monitor stands allow one, two, three, or four monitors to be mounted together on one stand. All LCD monitors with VESA 50x50, VESA 75x75, or VESA 100x100 mounting holes at the back are compatible. The MMS10-series monitor stands are carefully designed in the following modules: 

  • MDM10DBS - Desk Base
  • MDM10PS-CIR - Short pole with circular base (this can also be screwed to the desk directly)
  • MDM10BKT -VESA bracket, which is held by the arm and affixes to the monitor
  • MDM10AL - Arm section module
  • MDM10JLD - Joint Lock, which holds the arms onto the base pole

Warranty Info

These MMS10D Twin LCD Monitor desk mount stands come boxed brand new, with 5 years warranty.

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