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MDM02 Dual Monitor Stand: Mount Two LCD Monitors back-to-back on Desktop

MDM02 Dual Monitor Stand: Mount Two LCD Monitors back-to-back on Desk

  • £3998

MDM02 Dual LCD Monitor Stand mounts two LCD monitors back to back on a 40cm-high pole clamped to a desk. MDM02 enables two people sitting face to face in the same office to share one monitor stand for their LCD monitors (mounted back to back on one pole), saving precious space and, of course, money. MDM02 is similar to the MDM05 dual monitor stand but without the articulate arms, while all other popular features are conserved. This includes cross-compatibility of modules used in other MDM0 multiple-monitor stands, along with the ability to tilt up/down 30°, free swivel left/right 90°, and move the monitor up/down the pole as desired.

Allcam has three dual monitor stands: MDM02, MDM05, and MDM0D. The differences are:
* MDM02 mounts two monitors back-to-back, 
* MDM05 can mount two monitors either back-to-back or shoulder-to-shoulder, 
* MDM0D mounts two monitors one above another

Key Features

  • Dual monitor stand mounts two LCDs on one pole (clamped to one desk)
  • Universal: fits all LCD monitors and TVs with VESA 50, 75 or 100 mounting holes not exceeding 6Kgs each (13.2lbs each) in weight
  • Safe and effortless: tilt up/down 30°, free swivel left/right 90°
  • Adjustable height (10 to 40cm from desktop); want even higher? Allcam also have 70cm long poles and 100cm extra-long poles available
  • Heavy duty metal pole and desk clamp, can support up to 24Kgs in total
  • 130° rotation allows the monitor to be positioned in landscape or portrait
  • Compatible with modules from other MDM0 series multiple-monitor stands

The MDM02 uses the same standard modules as the other Allcam MDM0 series multiple-monitor stands:

  • Short pole (40cm), Long pole (70cm) and Extra-Long pole (100cm)
  • Short arm (12.5cm) and Long arm (18.4cm)
  • Joint locks (single and dual)
  • VESA bracket (part which is affixed monitor)

Allcam MDM0 monitor stands are module-based, making them painlessly customisable. For example you can easily add one or two arms to the MDM02 monitor stand at a later date, so the monitors can be pulled out or folded back as you desire, or add another joint lock and VESA bracket to mount an additional monitor to the pole if you require monitors to point in three directions, there are countless possibilities.

Please watch the following video to see how to mount your monitors on to this dual monitor stand:

Warranty Info

These MDM02 dual monitor stands come brand new in a sealed box, with 5 years warranty.

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