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LCD201 17" 19" 22" 24" 26" LED/LCD TV Wall Bracket 30° Tilt , 180° Swivel, 360° Free Rotate VESA 100 75 Holds up to 15 kgs weight

  • £899

The Allcam LCD201 is the super flexible wall mount bracket for small-sized LCD/LED TVs or monitors. The bracket has a wide range of flexibility, and is able to swivel left/right 60°, tilt up/down 15° and rotate 360° (along the plane of the TV screen).

The LCD201 is ideal for installation where reliability and stability are of the utmost importance, for example in kitchens, hotel rooms, and corridors. The wall bracket makes the best companion for a wide range of TV's: from 15" to 26" LCD/LED TVs or monitors with VESA 100x100 or VESA 75x75 mounting holes.

Allcam stocks a wide range of flat screen TV wall brackets, with many different styles and features. We are direct importer; wholesales enquiries are welcome.

Key Features 

  • Super flexible: swivel left/right 60° and tilt up/down 15°
  • Rotates 360° along the plane of the TV screen
  • Ideal for 15" to 26" LCD TV's with VESA 100x100 or VESA 75x75 mounting holes (see FAQ's)
  • Made from sturdy heavy duty steel, with a maximum loading capacity of 15 kg (33 lb)
  • Power coated in fashionable black colour
  • Comes with screws and fittings to sturdily attach bracket to wall


Q:How can I be certain the LCD201 wall bracket is compatible with my TV?

A: The Allcam LCD201 TV stand is suitable for the vast majority of TV’s with screen size 19” to 26”. The TV uses a VESA mount which the vast majority of modern TV’s use, and the particular standard used in this TV stand is 100x100. This consists of 4 threaded holes in the back of your TV. If the horizontal spacing between these holes is in the range 75 and 100 mm and the vertical spacing is between 75 and 100 mm then your TV is compatible with this TV bracket.

Warranty info

All plasma/LCD TV wall brackets supplied by Allcam carries 5 years warranty.


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