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Laptop/iPad Tablet Tray attachment for MDM11S MDM12D LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount Bracket

Laptop/iPad Tablet Tray attachment for MDM10- & MMS10- series VESA Monitor Arm Stands

  • £2999

The MDM10TRY allows you to mount a laptop or iPad onto an MDM10 series stand. If you regularly work on a desktop and laptop simultaneously, or a laptop along with a separate LCD monitor, then you should purchase a the Allcam MDM11S LCD monitor arm (for the monitor) and MDM10TRY laptop tray (for the laptop).

The MDM10TRY is ideal for those who regularly use your iPad tablet and desktop computer side by side.

MDM10TRY laptop tray attachment for MDM11S MDM12D MDM12Q

Please note MDM10TRY is not a complete product. You either need to buy the MDM11S/MDM12D LCD monitor arm desk stand, or the pole /desk clamp module for MDM10 series.

You may also use the tray part on its own to mount a laptop on any stand with a VESA mount.

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