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Laptop/iPad Tablet Tray attachment for MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount Bracket

Laptop Tray attachment for MDM0-series VESA Monitor Arm Stands

  • £3598

The MDM0TRY allows you to mount a laptop onto an arm which attaches to any Allcam MDM0 mounting pole. If you regularly work on your desktop and laptop computers simultaneously, or a laptop along with a separate LCD monitor, then you may benefit from a combination of the Allcam MDM04 LCD monitor arm (for your desk top monitor) and MDM0TRY laptop tray (for your laptop).

MDM0TRY laptop arm tray attachment for MDM04 MDM05

The MDM0TRY is also ideal for those who regularly use an iPad tablet and desktop computer side by side.

Please note MDM0TRY is not a complete product. You must already have the MDM01 or MDM04 or MDM05 or MDM06 LCD monitor arm desk stand, or the pole module for MDM0 series (MDM0PS, MDM0PL, MDM0PXL).

Key Features

  • Attaches to MDM03, MDM04, MDM05, or MDM06 LCD monitor arm desk stand
  • Pull-out and push-back your laptop/iPad tablet as you desire
  • Adjust the height of your laptop freely along the pole
  • Perforated steel plate for more effective heat cooling
  • Black tray, silver arms

Warranty Info

These MDM0TRY laptop arm trays come brand new with 5 years warranty.

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