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MDM0JLD Dual Joint Lock for MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 MDM07 Multi Monitor Arm Bracket

Pole Clamp / Joint Lock Module for MDM0-series Monitor Arm Stand (no. of monitors Options)

  • £698

The joint lock module is the part of the MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 MDM07 MMS01 MMS05 Monitor Arm Brackets which helps fixing the arm assembly (or the VESA bracket MDM0BKT (L)) to the pole module.

There are different joint locks:

  • MDM0JLD dual joint lock for attaching two arm assembles (one monitor at each side)
  • MDM0JLS single joint lock for attaching one arm assembly (one monitor). to the pole module (MDM0PL, MDM0PS)

Pls note these Joint Lock is NOT compatible with MDM11S, MDM12D, MDM12Q series multi LCD monitor arm desk mount bracket.

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