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Ilford FP4 Plus 125 Large Format 4x5 B&W  Negative Film (25)

Ilford FP4 Plus 125 Large Format 4x5 B&W Negative Film (25)

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Ilford FP4 Plus is an exceptionally fine grain, medium speed, black and white film. It is ideal for high quality indoor and outdoor photography, particularly when giant enlargements are to be made.

For high quality black and white photography, ILFORD FP4 PLUS is unrivaled. Its very fine grain, outstanding sharpness and high acuteness make it the film of choice whenever a job demands great enlargement or the subject contains a wealth of fine detail. Nominally rated at ISO 125/22, ILFORD FP4 PLUS has become the benchmark against which other medium speed films are judged. With enormous latitude for exposure error above and below its ISO 125, ILFORD FP4 PLUS is very suitable for most photographic subjects under a variety of lighting conditions.

  • Very fine grain film with wide applications
  • Push processing makes it a very viable film with many uses
  • Good images possible with ISO ratings from 50-200

Technical Specifications :


Type 14x5" black and white negative slides
Speed ISO 125
Applications General photography, copying and internegative work, and has many applications in scientific, technical and industrial photography
Process Ilfotec, Microphen, Ilfosol, ID-11
Color Saturation Not applicable
Grain Very fine
Sharpness High
Exposure Latitude Wide
Push/Pull Usable results even if it is overexposed by as much as six stops, or underexposed by two stops


These Ilford films are brand new, in retail box.

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