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Ilford Delta 400 135-36 Film B&W (Pack Size Options)

Ilford Delta 400 135-36 Film B&W (Pack Size Options)

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With Ilford Delta 400 Delta Professional, Ilford has created a truly remarkable black-and-white film. Thanks to revolutionary core-shell emulsion technology, it has a level of sharpness and freedom from grain that belies the film's light grabbing ISO 400 speed.

Ilford 400 delta professional gives professional photographers the means to express their vision with crystal clarity.

  • Fine grain black-and-white film
  • Produces superb print quality
  • Wide tonal range and superior exposure-latitude
  • Does not require need for extreme print manipulation

Technical Specifications :


Type 35mm black and white negative film
Speed ISO 400
Applications Pictorial, fine art as well as fashion photography and for many areas that were formerly the preserve of slower films
Process Ilfotec, Microphen, Ilfosol, ID-11
Color Saturation Not applicable
Grain Fine
Sharpness High
Exposure Latitude Wide
Push/Pull Can be rated from EI 400/27 to 3200/36

These Ilford films are brand new, in retail box.

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