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Ilford Delta 3200 120 Size 3200 B&W  Negative Film

Ilford Delta 3200 120 Size 3200 B&W Negative Film

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Delta 3200 professional allows photographers to take pictures under difficult conditions including fast action and poor lighting. With a measured speed of up to ISO 1250 (up to ISO 1600 when developed in Ilford microphen developer) the film has been designed to be push processed to achieve its nominal speed of EI 3200. It may be further pushed to EI 12,500 with a change of developer, or pulled to provide results equivalent to the best ISO 400 films.

Main Benefits:

  • For making quality photographs in difficult exposing conditions
  • Wide latitude allows for shooting in a variety of venues
  • Can be push process to even higher settings
Type size 120 black and white negative film
Speed ISO 3200
Applications Action and available light photography
Process Recommended developers are Ilford Ilfotec DD-X, Ilford Microphen and Ilfored ID-11
Color Saturation Not applicable
Grain Fine
Sharpness High
Exposure Latitude Wide
Push/Pull Can be rated from EI 400/27 to 6400/39

These Ilford films are brand new, in retail box.

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