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HD AV Component Cable for Sony Playstation 3 PS3

HD AV Component Cable for Sony Playstation 3 PS3

  • £498

Unlocking the HD potential of your Sony Playstaion 3 with this component AV cable. The original Sony PS3 package only contains composite video cable, which scarifice picture quality especially on big HD-ready flat screen TVs. This component cables has 5 male connectors for links to TV: Red/Blue/Green (video) + Red/White (audio)

A superbly constructed cable that provides optimal picture quality with HD signal. The cable features anti corrosive nickel plated contacts for ideal signal quality as well as metallic cinch connectors with rubbered grips. Additional audio cinch connectors and solid copper wires with multiple shielding enhance the experience even more.The strong ferrit core filters interfering signals and the cable is warp resistant and fail safe. This 1.5 m cable length is your perfect answer to quality gaming.