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GSA12D-PS Gas Spring Dual LCD Monitor Arm Stand w/ 40cm long pole: Mount 2 monitors one-on-one

  • £8998

The Allcam GSA12D-PS Gas Spring Dual Monitor Stand is ideal for organisations and professionals where frequent adjustment of monitor height and position is important. Featuring Gas Spring technology, the GSA12D-PS makes it possible to change your monitors monitor height / position in 1 second (yes 1 sec.). Simply use your hand to move the monitors to your desired position and it floats there like magic, NO tools required!

Also GSA12D-PS features two independently height adjustable gas spring arms along the pole, while the GSA12D 's two gas spring arms moves up/down along the pole simultaneously.

The GSA12 monitor stand is compatible with LCD/LED monitors which are:
1. Weight between 1.5 to 6 Kgs (3.7 to 11 lbs)
2. VESA 100 or 75 compliant (the 4 mounting holes at the back of the monitor are 100mm or 75mm apart, as 99% of the 13 to 27" monitors are)

The GSA12 is a monitor arm + one diagonal arms extension, so it can reach further, anywhere within ~ 57cm/22.5" radius: left and right, up and forward.

Key Features of GSA12 Series Gas Spring Desk Mount Dual Monitor Stand:

  • Super flexible, simply use your hands to move your monitors to any position within ~57cm radius of the mounting point in 1 sec., no tools required
  • Universal, fits LED/LCD Montors with VESA 75 or 100 mounting holes AND weight between 1.5 to 6 Kgs, will accept monitors betwwen 13" up to 27"
  • Tilt up/down 180, free swivel left/right 360, 360 rotation, mount the monitor in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Improved desk clamp, options to mount to slim desk or thick desk up to 10cm (3.94") in thickness
  • Cable management built in the arm itself, really discreet
The Allcam gas spring series monitor stand is similar to those Ergotron LX and MX premium series of monitor mount but only half the cost, and our monitor stand is much easier to assemble too, so a normal person with little DIY experience can mount two monitors in 5 min vs 30 min. for those Ergotron ones. Concerned with the quality? Allcam has 10 years experience in designing TV/monitor stands, we are so confident with the quality of our product and we provide 5 years warranty on all our monitor stands. Does that sound more reassuring than the 3 years warranty offered by Ergotron?
You can see below a short How to Mount video guide:


More info on Gas Spring Technology

Gas spring technology is not new. Car enthusiasts are familiar with its application in cars, notably the mechanism which support the opening / closing of the hatchback doors. Allcam GS series monitor stands are designed with gas spring technology. Placed in the action arm, the gas spring is set to accommodate a weight range. That allows you to adjust the arm smoothly when needed, yet keeps your monitor in the desired position. The gas spring assisted arms are rated for different weight ranges, for example, "1.5 to 6 kg", to ensure there is a proper counterbalancing.

Warranty Info

These GSA12 Series LCD monitor stand are brand new in sealed box, 5 years warranty.

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