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Fuji Marine Single use flash camera

Fuji Marine Single use flash camera

  • £1198

FUJICOLOR QuickSnap Marine is certain to make a "splash" with marine sports fans. Loaded with high-speed, fine-grain SUPERIA X-TRA 800 film, this waterproof camera lets you take photographs in and on water or elsewhere, even on overcast days. The perfect companion for beach, field and stream activities — anywhere an ordinary camera might be damaged by sand, water or excess humidity.

QuickSnap Marine lets you enjoy water sports, skiing, fishing or climbing


1. Can be used at depths of up to 10m underwater
Completely waterproof, QuickSnap Marine takes great photos at depths of up to 10m. And the added sensitivity of SUPERIA X-TRA 800 lets you shoot in clear water even when the sky
is overcast.
2. Easy to hold and very easy to operate
A big-size lever-type shutter release on the front of the camera and a top-mounted film advance knob makes it very easy to operate QuickSnap Marine even with gloved hands —
something you will appreciate underwater or on the slopes. A rubber wrist strap makes sure you and your QuickSnap stay together whenever the going gets tough.
3. Exceptional image quality
Loaded with 27 exposures of fine-grain SUPERIA X-TRA 800 film, QuickSnap Marine produces crisp, vivid colors and excellent sharpness, setting a new standard for one-time-
use camera image quality.
4. Waterproof seal
QuickSnap Marine comes in a sturdy transparent O-ring-sealed case which protects the film and mechanism from water, humidity, dust, dirt and sand.

These Fujifilm quicksnap marine cameras are brand new in retail boxes.

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