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Coollang Tennis Training Aid/ Smart Tennis Sensor & APP: Track, Analyse, Improve, & Share

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Coollang Personal Tennis Training Aid helps improve your game based on sports science. It senses, records,  and analyses each shot, so you know where and how to improve your tennis skills. The Coollang tennis trainer is your personal coach, you can train like a professional player without the associated heavy fees.

Key Features

  • Smart Tennis Training Aid Equipment: Track, Analyse, Improve, and Share your tennis training exercises - all in one tiny device weight only 6g (0.2oz)
  • Record, analyse, and report your training stats: intensity, endurance, explosive
  • Scientific evaluation of your training: Duration, Shots (per min), Calorie burned, and Top swing speed
  • Integrate video footage with shot data, offer you video demonstration of your performance
  • Get video training tips and strategy from top professional players

The Coollang Personal Tennis Trainer contains two basic parts:

  • Movement sensor, which records your shot data, and transmits the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth, either real-time or at later stage.The internal memory of the tennis sensor can store up to 100,000 shots, and the internal battery lasts around 6hr per full charge.
  • Smartphone APP, available in both iOS and Android versions. It reads and analyses your shot data from the sensor, then generates relevant reports/graphs. It can also utilize your phone camera to record your training video, then incorporate the shot data from the movement sensor to give you a visual demonstration of your performance. The APP also provides other training contents and social functions.

The Coollang smart tennis sensor can record the following data:

  1. Number of shots
  2. Shot Type: Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Overhand
  3. Spin Type: Top Spin, Slice, Flat
  4. Swing Speed
  5. Ball Speed

The Coollang tennis training APP also has the following features

  • Target Setting: Setting the Sports Target, real-time update the shot data and target completion percentage.
  • Stats: Give detailed information on the player’s time, speed, energy and power.
  • Training: There are two training modes: Fore-/Back-hand and Serve. It also includes training tips from top professional players in the world.
  • Live Video: Utilizing the phone camera, it can integrate shot data with video footage, and give real-time analysis of speed, strength and radian.You can also playback later to look closely where and how you can improve.
  • Play Community: Compare your Shots and Score with your fellow players.

The Coollang Smart Tennis Sensor can be easily attached to all normal tennis racket with the included silicon cap, or simply via a double-sided glue pad.

Below is a comparison between Sony, Zepp, and Coollang Tennis Sensor:

Brand Sony Zepp Coollang
Price £199.99 £99.99 £89.99
Compatible Brands Wilson/Yonex/Head/Prince All All
Shot Tracking
Impact Location ×
Number of shots
Shot Type Forehand Forehand Forehand
Backhand Backhand Backhand
Serve Serve Serve
Overhand Overhand Overhand
Spin Type Top Spin Top Spin Top Spin
Slice Slice Slice
Flat Flat Flat
Swing Speed
Ball Speed √ 
Live tracking 
Video Component 3D Serve simulation
Target Setting x x
Paly Community x x

Here is a Video to give you a glimpse of how the training mode works:

 Click here for User Manual for Coolang Smart Tennis Sensor w/ Smartphone APP

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