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Car Headrest Harness for 8.5" 9" 10" Tablet Portable DVD Players /LCD TVs

Car Headrest Harness for 8.5" 9" 10" Tablet Portable DVD Players /LCD TVs

  • £698

This car headrest harness provide an easy and neat way to mount your tablet-style portable DVD player and portable LCD TVs to the headrest of your car seat. It takes less than 1 min to mount/dismount the portable DVD player. The two straps at the back of this harness go around the supporting legs of the car headrest.

Pls note this car headrest harness are suitable for tablet-style portable DVD players only, laptop style portable DVD players are NOT suitable. Some portable DVD player, such as Orbit D909 / D900, Shinco SDP-6820, Philips PET744, has a swivel screen which can be folded flat on the base and changed from laptop-style to tablet-style, these can also be mounted to your car headrest using this harness.

The maximum portable DVD player supported are: 24 x 18 x 4cm (9.44" x 7.09" x 1.57")

This car headrest harness also suitable for mounting portable TVs onto your car headrest.

It is very easy to mount your portable DVD/TV onto your car headrest. The two straps go around the two supporting legs of the headrest then insert into the strap clip-lock. see image below

how car harness mount to headrest

Sometimes you might have difficulty to find the supporting legs with the headrests in you car. The supporting legs are an essential part to adjust the height of the headrest. To be able to adjust the height of headrest harness is a vital safety requirement.

We also have a slightly smaller car headrest harness for 7" 8" 8.5" portable DVD player / Portable LCD TVs, which support maximun size of the portable DVD player : 22 x 16.5 x 4cm (8.66" x 6.5" x 1.57")

If you happend to have a laptop-style portable DVD players, try our Carry Case/Car Harness 2-in-1 products.

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