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Allcam Ice Slush and Chilled Drinks Maker in Blue: Cold Drinks in Seconds & Icy Slushie in Minutes - ideal gift for Children & Young Parents

  • £598

Children like icy slushies and drinks, and all parents know it. The Allcam Slushy Ice Maker is a handy tool to make delicious icy slushy in a few minutes, no more panic when an impatient kid makes instant demand for icy drinks.

The Allcam Slush Make is very easy to use:
1. Freeze (-23°C or lower recommended) the inner white cup for 6 to 8 hours.
2. Place the frozen inner cup in the outer blue cup, pour your drink into the inner cup.
3. Stir the drink a few times every other minutes.

Your slush is ready in 5 to 10 minutes, enjoy!

You can create slushies' from all your favourite drinks - juices, chocolate milk, soda and more!

Concerned that your kids never eat their "5 a day"? , why not squeeze fresh fruit juices and turn them into yummy and healthy slushies, no children can resist the temptation of the yummy icy slushies: Squeeze, Freeze, Enjoy!

Why can't I just put a normal cup in the freezer instead of this Ice Slush Maker?

A: You can indeed freeze your drink in a normal cup, but the result is solid ice instead of icy slush. Furthermore it takes 5 hours or more, are there any kids patient enough to wait so long? If you want to make shush you will need Allcam Magice Ice Maker, and it makes slush in minutes, quick and easy.

One of the parent write this letter to us: We are really happy with the Allcam Slushy Ice Maker. Our Children are fussy eaters, they rarely eat fruits (other than Banana) nor drink water. Now we make slushies from fresh squeezed juices, and they happily eat all, and keeping asking for more. We have ordered two so we always have one in the freezer ready for the next challenge.