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GSS03BAS Sit-Stand Workstation for Lower Back Pain Relief due to Prolonged Sitting Hours w/ desk clamp

  • £21498

Scientists estimate that by reducing your sitting time to less than 3 hours a day could increase your life expectancy by 2 years. Several studies on lower back pain showed it is becoming a common problem for people sitting too long (over 4 hours per day). Without proper care, it will ultimately becomes a chronic issue.

lower back pain and sitting

Featuring gas spring technology, the Allcam GSS0-series Sit-Stand workstations help reduce your sitting hours without sacrificing working hours, as well as extending your precious life and alleviating your lower back pain.

sit-stand working stand working with computer

Key Features:

  • Gas spring technology, change position from sitting to standing with one push
  •  Help reduce your sitting hours without sacrificing working hours
  •  Help extending life expectancy and alleviating lower back pain
  •  Optional pole & monitor arm (compatible with MMS10S and MMS10D monitor stands)
  •  Weight capacity 30 lbs (13.6 kg), Weighted wood base
  • keyboard/mouse tray and work surface with heavy duty steel construction; featuring a solid clamp instead of a desk stand


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