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Allcam DS202 Universal Desk Tabletop TV Stand / Monitor Riser for LCD LED TVs 32" 37" 40" 42" to 60"

  • £1598

The Allcam DS202 is desk stand ideal for flat panel televisions for tabletop use. The unit consists of two stylish matt black supports which connect to your TV via a universal mount allowing for a stable and stylish TV desk stand. If your TV was formerly mounted to the wall, this stand is perfect if you want to change to a tabletop solution, and allows much more portability than a wall mount.

The stands low profile is ideal for maintaining a slick and professional presentation whether in a business or domestic setting, while also allowing for easy access to rear connections on your TV. The Allcam DS202 uses universal VESA mounts so can be connected to the vast majority of modern TV's between 32" and 60".

Key Features

  • Stylish low profile black desk stand for TV's or monitors 32" to 60"
  • Universal VESA mount- compatible with vast majority of TV's 32" to 60".
  • Low Profile, professional presentation allows for easy access to display ports and cable routing
  • 0.65 m tall stand height, TV can be mounted at different heights on the stand
  • Kit includes all screws and related hardware for easy attachment of televisions
  • High stability allowing for secure tabletop positioning
  • 5 year warranty fulfilled by Allcam


Q: Is the Allcam DS202 TV desk stand compatible with my TV?

A: The Allcam DS202 TV stand is suitable for the vast majority of TV’s with screen size 32” to 60”. The TV uses a VESA mount which the vast majority of modern TV’s use, and the particular standard used in this TV stand is 600x506. This consists of 4 threaded holes in the back of your TV. If the horizontal spacing between these holes is in the range 100 and 600 mm and the vertical spacing is between 100 and 506 mm then your TV is compatible with this mobile floor stand.

Warranty Information

The Allcam DS202 TV stand comes with a full 5 year warranty.