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Allcam DP201 Digital Pen: Digital Note Taker & 19" Virtual Touch Screen

Allcam DP201 Digital Pen: Digital Note Taker & 19" Virtual Touch Screen

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The Allcam DP201 digital touch pen is a revolutionary human-computer interface with 26 worldwide patents. It instantly adds a virtual 19" touch screen to any flat monitor. It can be used as a handwriting input hardware for most common office software like PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, MSN etc. You can use it as a digital note taker: you write on plain paper like a normal ballpen, and the receiver will save your writings into its internal memory up to 500 A4 pages. You can download those note by connecting the receiver to your computer via USB.

The Allcam DP201 digital pen has two main parts: the pen and the receiver. The connection between the pen and the receiver is wireless (IR), and the pen only weights 16 grams. The receiver connects to the computer via USB / USB2. The pen comes with two types of refills: one is the normal ink refills which you can write on notepad / paper, the other is a plastic stylet which you can touch/write on computer screens.

DP201 digital pen: mouse function

The DP201 digital pen pioneered the application of the weathered eMAT technology into computer-human interfacing. Simply clipping the receiver to your non-touchscreen LCD monitor, you instantly converted it into a touch screen monitor which would normally cost you £300 or more. The 19" virtual touch screen is actually better than a normal touch screen, you don't even need to physically touch the monitor, the receiver can sense the pen up to 200mm away from the monitor, so you can actually move the cursor in the air! The digital touch pen also features mouse function, you can easily "click" or "right click" by clicking on the front or back section of the "Click Button" on the pen using your index finger. The "Click Button" is conveniently located at the place when your index finger will normally rest while holding a pen.

Now, even better, the package include the free MyScript Note 3.0 Lite handwritting recognition software, it recognise your handwrittings into text, so you can easily edit later. The software supports handwrittings in all major languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English (Canada/ UK/ USA), Finnish, French (Canada/ France), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil/ Portugal), Russian, Spanish (Mexico/ Spain), Swedish, Turkish....

Key Features

  • Add a 19" virtual touch screen to any flat monitor, with full mouse function (left click, right click), sensitive up to 200mm away from the monitor
  • Handwriting input hardware, handwriting directly to a variety of office software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Outlook, OneNote, MSN etc.
  • Digital note taker / notepad: you write on plain paper like a normal ballpen, and the receiver will save your writings into its internal memory up to 500 A4 pages
  • Easily add handwriting signature to your documents, Emails ...
  • Full electronic whiteboard function, ideal for classroom and meeting rooms
  • Wireless connection between Digital Pen and Receiver, USB/USB2 connection between receiver and computer
  • Receiver builtin internal memory to store up to 500 pages of handwritings while not connected to computer
  • Receiver with builtin rechargeable lithium battery, works ~ 25hrs per charge, battery conveniently charged via USB in 2 hours
  • Digital pen takes 3pcs normal AG3 button batteries, works ~ 80hrs
  • Digital pen comes with ballpoint pen refills (for writing on paper) and plastic stylet (for clicking / writing on computer screens)
  • Compatible with Windows 2000/ XP/ VISTA/ Win 7
  • 26 worldwide patents
DP201 digital pen: handwriting input

Key Specifications

  • Handwriting input and virtual touch screen technology: eMAT (electromagnetic acoustic transducer) digital pen generate ultrasonic pulses which can be interpreted by the receiver
  • Built-in mouse function (left click and right click switchable)
  • Effective Range (the maximum area the receiver will recognise your handwriting using the pen)
    Computer Screen: 450* 450 mm ( up to 19" LCD)
    Other flat surface including paper: A4 (210 x 295 mm)
  • Off-line Storage Capacity: ~ 32MB, up to 400 A4 pages
  • Connection (receiver): USB / USB2 device, both data transmission and battery charging
  • Battery for digital pen: 3 x AG3 button batteries, ~ 80hrs
  • Battery for receiver: rechargeable lithium battery, ~ 25hrs
  • OSD Menu Language: English, Chinese, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, French, German, Italian
  • OS supported: Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / Win 7
  • Compatible office software for handwriting input: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Paint, MSN, Netmeeting, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash, Freehand, Acrobat Reader, 3DS Max and more
  • Dimensions
    Digital Pen: L:146mm * φ 14mm
    Receiver: L:78mm * W:26mm * H:20mm
  • Weight
    Pen: 16g
    Receiver: 45g (excluding bracket)
  • Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 70°C
DP201 digital pen: electronic whiteboard

FAQ: How I handwrite directly into Microsoft Word with this digital pen?

  1. If you are using the digital pen with your computer for the first time, you will need to install the driver and utility software first (in the mini CD), you can also click here to download the software DP201 digital pen: handwriting control bar
  2. Connect the Receiver to your computer
  3. If you are to hand-write on paper, clip the receiver to a flat pad of paper, if you are to write on screen, clip the receiver to your monitor
  4. Start the Digital Touch Pen utility software, and you can see the control bar floating on the left
  5. Start Microsoft Word, you can see the control bar changed automatically (see image on the left) so you can easily change the pen colour, stroke width, and switch pages
  6. Handwriting on paper or your monitor with the pen, and you can see your handwriting showing in the Word window
  7. Save the Word file normally once finished. All your handwritings are saved in that file
  8. You can also change between hand-writing on monitor and paper by change the setting, the setting can be easily accessed via the control bar (see image on the left).

FAQ: How I use this pen to take note and auto save the handwriting as digital files?

DP201 digital pen: digital note taker handwriting offline storage

  1. Press and hold the button on the receiver for 2 sec, and a red light will flash a few times periodically to indicate it is on ( press and hold the same button for 5 sec to switch off)
  2. Click the receiver to the top of a notepad or blank paper (up to A4 size), see left image
  3. You write with the digital pen on the notepad like a normal pen, and severl lights will flash while you write to indicate it is saving your notes (remember the digital pen does come with ink refills for writing onto blank paper)
  4. If one page is full, press and hold the button of the receiver for 1 sec, a red light will flash 3 times to indicate it successfully change to the next page
  5. To download the notes into your computer, first connect the receiver to the computer via USB
  6. Start the Utility software, then the Memory Management tool,
  7. Click Save to download the file to the default location ("My Documents") or specify the path then Click Save
  8. Double Click the saved files to open them (with the Utility Software), one file can contain several pages
  9. You can then export the file as PDF or images.
  10. You can also use handwritting recognition software (not included) to covert those PDF or image files into text files so you can easily edit it

    Package Content

    1. 1 x DP201 Digital Pen / Digital Notepad / Digital Note Taker with Virtual Touch Screen
    2. 1 x Receiver (with built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
    3. 1 x Bracket for Receiver
    4. 2 x Ballpoint pen refill
    5. 2 x Plastic Stylet (digital pen refill)
    6. 1 x USB A - Mini cable
    7. 6 x AG3 Button Battery
    8. 1 x CD driver software
    9. 1 x User Manual

    Warranty Info

    These DP201 digital pen are brand new, 2 years warranty.

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