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FS960 Mobile Floor Stand w/ Brackets for LCD TV, Microphone, and Drink Cups

FS960 Mobile Floor Stand with Brackets for 19", 23", 27", 32" LCD/LED TV's and Monitors, Microphone holders, and Drink Cup Tray

  • £5498

The Allcam FS960 is a premium heavy duty TV trolley suitable for the vast majority 19” to 32” LCD/LED TV’s or monitors (see FAQs below). The stand is duty for busy environments and has been designed with ensuring excellent stability in mind, and features two arms capable of supporting microphones and a cup holder tray. The stand has excellent stability and maneuverability means the stand is ideal for situations such as for use with karaoke equipment, classrooms or meeting rooms.

The TV trolley is robustly constructed and finished to a high standard, with two 59-89 cm telescopic extension arms ideal for holding microphones, and a cup holder is included attached along the central pole. The stand can be rotated through the full 360°, and the screen can be angled vertically by 15° in both directions. The height of the display can be conveniently adjusted between 87 cm to 122 cm above the base through the telescopic pole. The base is supported by 5 wheels and can be easily and securely maneuvered, and these wheels can be removed if required if it is preferred that the stand is stationary.

A tempered black glass tray shelf can be purchased here for £24.98 each and conveniently attached to the central pole for holding laptops or other audio visual equipment.

Key Features

  • Mobile floor stand with brackets for LCD/LED TV’s or monitors and microphones and also has a drink cup tray
  • VESA-compliant TV bracket for 19" - 32" LCD/LED TVs or monitors (see FAQ’s below)
  • The TV or monitor can be tilted up or down by 15° in both directions, and freely swivel 360°
  • Telescopic pole for adjustable TV height between: 87 and 122 cm
  • Includes two small brackets with telescopic arms for microphones, with arm length between 59 cm to 89 cm with another bracket for drink cups
  • Easy to assemble; fittings & assembly instructions included
  • Premium quality and heavy duty, support for up to 22.7 kg (50 lbs) in weight
  • Ideal for teaching or other activiteis  in classrooms, meeting rooms, or karaoke
  • Optional glass shelf available for £24.98 here
  • Wheels can easily be attached or detached from the base, base height 4.5 cm (10 cm with wheels)


Q: Is the Allcam FS960 TV trolley compatible with my TV?

A: The Allcam FS960 TV stand is suitable for the vast majority of TV’s with screen size 19” to 32”. The TV uses a VESA mount which the vast majority of modern TV’s use, and the particular standard used in this TV stand is 200x100. This consists of 4 threaded holes in the back of your TV. If the horizontal spacing between these holes is in the range 75 and 200 mm and the vertical spacing is between 75 and 100 mm then your TV is compatible with this mobile floor stand.

Warranty Information

The Allcam FS960 TV stand comes with a full 5 year warranty.

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