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FS945 Bolt Down Floor Stand w/ Mounting Bracket for LCD/LED Monitors/TVs

Allcam TS945 Bolt Down Floor Stand w/ Universal Vesa Mounting Bracket for 19-37 " LCD/LED Monitors/TV, Tilt up/down 20°, Freely swivel 360°, VESA up to 200 x 200 mm

  • £5998

The Allcam TS945 is a premium bolt down stand made in Taiwan, suitable for the vast majority of LCD/LED TV’s and monitors (see FAQs below). It is designed for areas where the TV needs to be permanently attached, making it ideal for displaying product adverts and company information to customers and visitors.

The Allcam TS945 fixed TV stand has 8 holes in the bottom of it’s 22 x 22 cm base plate so it can be securely and reliably secured to the ground. The mounting bracket can be swiveled a full 360°, and tilted vertically by 20° both up and down, ensuring the stand has the flexibility it needs to meet the needs of the viewer, despite being firmly bolted to the ground. Additionally, the central telescopic pole can be adjusted between 122 and 178 cm to suit the needs of the user.

The TS945 is perfectly suited to environments where you may be worried about the stand being knocked into. With its sturdy bolt-down design the TS945 TV floor stand will not be knocked over by a careless bump, making the stand perfect for busy foyers, lobbies on in a retail environment.

Key FeaturesTS945 TV Stand Dimensions

  • Static TV stand for permanent fixing. 8 bolt holes allow it to be secured to the ground
  • VESA-compliant bracket for 19" - 37" plasma/LCD TVs (see FAQ’s below)
  • TV bracket able to tilt up/down 20°, and freely swivel 360°
  • Telescopic pole for adjustable height, can be adjusted between 122 to 178 cm
  • Easy to assemble; fittings & assembly instructions included
  • Premium quality and heavy duty, supporting up to 40 kg in weight


Q: Is the Allcam TS945 TV trolley compatible with my TV?

A: The Allcam TS945 TV stand is suitable for the vast majority of TV’s or monitors with screen size 19” to 37”. The TV uses a VESA mount which the vast majority of modern TV’s use, and the particular standard used in this TV stand is 200x200 mm. This consists of 4 threaded holes in the back of your TV or monitor. If the horizontal spacing between these holes is in the range 75 and 200 mm and the vertical spacing is between 75 and 200 mm then your TV is compatible with this bolt-down stand.

Q: My TV is outside the recommended 19" - 37" range but is lighter than 40 kg and is a compatible VESA size. Will The TS945 TV stand be suitable for my TV?

Yes your TV will be suitable for use with the TS945 bolt-down TV stand. The compatible size of TVs is just a guide. Many TVs from outside this range can also be fitted to the bracket securely. Please make sure to check the weight and VESA compatibility of your TV even if it within the recommended size range to ensure that the stand will fit.

Q:The TS945 TV stand looks like it will fit my TV but I need to be able to move it around freely. Is there a version of this stand that is mounted on wheels?

We do not offer this TV stand exactly with wheels but the FS940 TV stand is quite similar. The FS941 TV stand should be considered for larger TVs.

Warranty Information

The Allcam TR945 TV stand comes with a full 5 year warranty.

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