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Allcam FS1046 Heavy Duty Double Sided TV Trolley with Brackets - 4 TV Multi TV Stand

  • £19999

The Allcam FS1046 TV stand is designed for business customers who need to showcase their information and products in busy environments. The stand is designed for use in applications such as retail stores and exhibition stalls, and as such is constructed to prioritise stability in demanding situations, featuring heavy duty components throughout. The trolley is supported on a set of heavy duty castor wheels, including a brake system, which can be conveniently attached or removed as required.

The stand contains 2 m high poles, allowing the TV’s to be mounted higher than busy crowds, while also supporting lower screens for people closer to the stand. The TV trolley also supports the ability to mount another 2 TV’s facing the opposite direction- 4 total screens can be mounted on the same stand!

Key Features

  • Heavy duty construction designed for demanding situations
  • Fully detachable wheels depending on product application
  • Capable of mounting up to 4 TV’s on a single stand- 2 TV’s on either side of the stand
  • TV bracket can be tilted up to 10°
  • Wheels can easily be attached or detached from the base, base height is 4.5 cm (10 cm with wheels)
  • The FS1046 Black trolley stand comes with 4 universal TV brackets suitable for 99% of 40” to 64” LCD/Plasma/LED TV’s (see FAQ’s)


Q: Is the Allcam FS1046 Compatible with my TV?

A: The Allcam FS1046 TV Trolly is suitable for the vast majority of TV’s with screen size 32” to 60”. The TV uses a VESA mount which the vast majority of modern TV’s use, and the particular standard used in this TV stand is VESA 800x400. This consists of 4 threaded holes in the back of your TV. If the horizontal spacing between these holes is in the range 100 and 823 mm and the vertical spacing is between 100 and 480 mm then your TV is compatible with this floor stand.


About Allcam Television Stands

Allcam has been operating in the UK for over 10 years, and products have an established reputation for affordability, ease of assembly and quality. Allcam’s TV floor stands have been well tested, and have been used in prestigious events such as the London 2012 Olympics.

Allcam also offers several other products in our TV trolley ranges depending on use:

  • FS94x series are designed for domestic light use;
  • FS40x and TT41x heavy duty series for mixed domestic/commercial use;
  • FS103x and FS104x extra heavy duty series for business/commercial use (where stability is of utmost importance)

Warranty Information

The Allcam FS1046 TV stand comes with a full 5 year warranty.

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