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Allcam TB01 Universal TV Desk Stand Riser Table Top Stand for 32" to 60" TVs

  • £4998

The Allcam TB01 is an simple and elegant desk top TV stand. It can raise your TV by 30cm to 56cm from the desk / table so you can have the best viewing experience. The desk TV stand is universally compatible with all 32" to 60" TVs that have mounting holes of VESA 400x400 or less (*Notes) AND weight no more than 30 kgs / 66 lbs

The Allcam table top TV stand is sturdy. The oval support pole is 90mm wide and made from heavy duty 2mm thick steel. The base is made from 8mm tempered glass. Overall the stand supports up to 30 kgs / 60 lbs in weight.

 allcam desk / table top tv stand

Key Features


  • Height adjustable, rise your TV by 30cm to 56cm from your desk / table  (to the centre of the TV) 
  • Universal fit for 32" - 60" TVs which has mounting holes of VESA 400x400 or less (*notes)
  • Sturdy construction: 8mm tempered glass base and oval steel pole, supports up to 30kgs (60 lbs) 
  • Elegant and stylish powder coated finish suitable for any modern house and office environment
  • Quick and easy to set up, with all necessary accessories and the graphical installation guide
  • Allcam 5 Years Warranty for years of worry free enjoyment


It is quick to set up the Allcam desk top TV stand and mount your TV in 5 easy steps:

  1. Attach the 4 sticky pack to the glass base;
  2. Fix the oval metal pole to the glass base with two bolts;
  3. Clamp the back plate to the oval metal pole;
  4. Fix the two vertical brackets to the back of your TV with 2 bolts each;
  5. Hook the TV to the back plate, enjoy!

A graphic installation guide in plain English is also included in the box, if the above steps aren't simple enough for you.

* Notes: If you want 100% assurance that this TV desk stand is compatible with your TV/Monitor, simply check the 4 threaded holes at the back (of your LCD), and measure the horizontal/vertical distances between these holes. If the distances of your TV are: horizontal horizontal < 400 mm, and vertical < 400mm, then your TV is compatible with this table top TV stand.


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