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PLB105-series Super Slim 25" 32" 37" 40" 42" 50" 55" to 65" LCD/LED TV Wall Mount Bracket Kit (TV size options)

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The PLB105-series wall bracket is a premium TV wall mount designed mount a flat screen TV ultra close to the wall (as close as 1-inch!), while still allowing minor height adjustments to be made to get the best viewing angle. The PLB105-series wall mount bracket is made from heavy duty steel, support the vast majority of screens up to 45 kg (100 lbs). The wall mount is finished to a high quality and the mount is easy to assemble and install, with a security lock feature if required.

The Allcam PLB105-series of TV wall bracket have four sizes (see FAQ secton on further info on how to select the appropriate TV bracket)

  • Small PLB105S, maximum mounting hole spacing < 480x330 mm, VESA from 75x75 up to 400x200, overall size 532x350x25 mm, roughly for 25"-37" TV/monitors
  • Part Medium PLB105-PT, maximum mounting hole spacing < 480x480 mm, VESA from 200x200 upto 400x400, overall size 530x530x25 mm, roughly for 30"-50" TV/monitors, this is specially designed for FS400BD, FS401, FS402 TV trolleys so TVs/monitors can be mounted in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Medium PLB105M, maximum mounting hole spacing < 720x480 mm, VESA from 200x200 up to 600x400, overall size 765x530x25 mm, roughly for 32"-55" TV/Monitors
  • Large PLB105L, maximum mounting hole spacing < 870x480 mm, VESA from 200x200 up to 800x400, overall size 918x530x25 mm, roughly for 40"-65" TV/MonitorsPLB105 Plasma LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket: Slim, as close as 1-inch to wall

Key Features

  • High quality TV bracket made from cold steel sheet (2 mm thickness), support up to 45 kg /100 lbs
  • Super slim, can be fixed very close to the wall (~1 inch / 25 mm)
  • Electrostatic power coating for durability
  • All parts such as screws and bolts are included for easy installation
  • Universal, options to suit for all wall-mountable flat LCD TVs/monitors
  • Security lock feature: the mounted plasma TV cannot be removed with your key


Q: How do I choose the right size wall mount bracket for my LCD/Plasma TV?

    1. Firstly, check the back of your TV and find the four threaded holes (if there is no threaded holes or less than four holes, then the TV is not classified as wall-mountable);
    2. Secondly, measure the horizontal and vertical spacing between them (in mm); for example, horizontal = 400 mm; vertical = 200 mm
    3. Now select a bracket whose supported maximum mounting-hole spacing is larger than one you have just measured
    4. Please also check the overall size of the TV is smaller than the TV size otherwise the bracket will be stick out from the back of the TV.
    5. You might also want to check whether the TV connections/ports is facing backward or not. If they are facing backwards it may be difficult to get the cables round the back of the TV if you choose a super slim bracket such as the PLB105
    Make sure to check this compatibility information! The TV sizes mentioned in the item title are for general reference only.
    PLB105-series TV Wall Mount Bracket is supplied in black. Click PLB105 Wall Mount Bracket for full Installation Guide.

    Allcam stocks a wide range of flat panel TV wall mount bracket kit, all made from cold steel or aluminium-alloy, wholesale inquiries are welcome. 

    Warranty Information

    The Allcam PLB105 series wall Mount is new, in retail pagaging and comes with a full 5 year warranty.

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