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L273-series Swivel Arms TV Wall Mount Bracket Tilt (tv size Options)

  • £2398

The Allcam L273 TV wall mount kit has articulated arms and a tilting bracket to ensure that you will be able to view your TV in any part of the room. It is the ideal choice to mount a TV to the wall and with extra flexibility to move it around and adjust its viewing angles. For example when your TV is mounted in a corner or an alcove, you will want the flexibility to pull the TV out and rotate it to face the audience. Perfect for saving space and adding that extra touch of flexibility to your TV viewing experience.

The extra flexibility is achieved by the articulated arms and tilting front TV bracket. The arms can rotate freely at all 3 pivot points so your TV can be pushed in / pulled out and swivelled from left to right freely and easily. When fully pulled out the TV bracket extends up to 622 mm (24.5"), and when fully pushed in it sits only 72 mm (2.8") away from the wall.

The L273 series LCD/LED TV wall brackets have been carefully designed by Allcam. Filled with our 10 years of experience and expertise in the trade, these TV brackets come with not only our usual 5 year guarantee but also £1000 quality assurance protection for any TV mounted on it.

There were two models:

  • L273S, for all 32" to 42" LCD/LED TVs with VESA 400x400 or less mounting holes, Overall dimensions: 420x420x75mm (HxVxD), articulate arms extend up to 622mm (24.5")
  • L273M, for all 40" to 50" Plasma/LCD/LED TVs with VESA 600x400 or less mounting holes, Overall dimensions: 620x420x75mm (HxVxD), articulate arms extend up to 622mm (24.5")

Key Features

  • Premium Quality TV bracket made from reinforced and powder-coated steel
  • Unique £1000 guarantee for mounted TV (available on all Allcam 2014 new range) and Allcam standard 5 years warranty
  • Super flexible: the mounted TV can be easily moved for best viewing angle: Tilt down, Swivel left/right, Pull out / Push in
  • Easy installation, with step-by-step graphic & text guide, and a set of fittings: screws, bolts, anchors, spacers, washers
  • Articulate arms extend up to 622mm (24.5")
FAQ: How do I choose the right size wall mount bracket for my LCD/Plasma TV?
  1. First, check the back of your TV and find the four threaded holes (if there is no threaded holes or less then four holes, then the TV is not classified as wall-mountable);
  2. Secondly, measure the horizontal and vertical spacing between them (in mm); for example, horizontal = 400mm; vertical =200mm
  3. Now select a bracket whose supported max. mounting-hole spacing is larger than one you have just measured
  4. Please also check the overall size of the TV is smaller than the TV size otherwise the bracket will be stickout from the back of the TV.
  5. You might also want to check whether the TV connections/ports is facing backward or not, if yes then do NOT select super slim wall brackets like PLB105 series because you might have great difficulties to get the cables into the slim space between the TV and wall.

Don't just look at the TV sizes mentioned on the item title, it is only for general references.

Allcam stocks a wide range of flat panel TV wall mount bracket kit, all made from cold steel or alu-aloy, wholesale inquiries are welcome. 

Allcam 2014 New Range of TV wall Brackets with £1000 Guarantee

Allcam have been designing and constructing TV brackets for over 10 years. Our earlier models like PLB103M and PLB109M are still among the top selling TV wall brackets on Amazon 7 years after their debut. The new 2014 range utilises our extensive experience and knowledge in the trade and our team have spared no expense to design and produce some of the best TV brackets available on the market Today. In comparison to our earlier models, these are slimmer, lighter, and more adjustable. We are so confident with the quality of these TV wall brackets that in addition to the usual 5 years warranty, we also provide £1000 guarantee for your mounted TV. In the unlikely event of a fallen TV due to bracket failure, we will pay up to one thousand pounds to get your TV replaced with a new one with similar or better specification. Please note this does not cover any mis-use of the TV bracket or fittings.

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