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Allcam BL44 Balanced Lift for Interactive Whiteboard and LED/LCD Touch Screens

  • £9998

Main Features:

  • Use only 2 fingers to slide up/down big whiteboards / touch screens, lift range 0 - 40cm (15.7″)
  • Weight of the interactive whiteboard / touch screen balanced by the internal spring force (23-40Kg / 50.6-88lbs)
  • Fits most 37″ to 55″ Touch Screens, most 80″-120″ Whiteboard, and most 65″-75″ Smart TVs (*see compatibility notes)
  • Supported Weight Range: 23-40Kg / 50.6-88lbs, and VESA 200×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 600×400, 800×400
  • Only 3 main parts, easy to assemble and wall mount


Smart interactive whiteboard and touchscreen displays are becoming more and more popular in class-rooms, training centres, and conference rooms. However large screens are too tall to access for most children and many adults, and that’s where Allcam BalanceLift can help. Designed to make it easy to move up/down screens and displays, the BL44 BalanceLift helps you to enjoy the full benefits of an interactive display.

How does the BalanceLift actually work? The magic lies in the internal springs. The spring force offsets the weight of the TV/display, so there is virtually no weight when you tries to lift up or press down, and that’s why a very heavy screen can be easily lifted by 2 fingers! This is similar to how a sliding sash window works. Once you understand this, you can also understand that the range of the spring force limits the loading capacity of the BalanceLift (23-40 Kg / 50.6-88 lbs).

*Notes on compatibility: the Allcam BalanceLift is compatible with displays that meet the following two requirements:

1. Weight 23-40 Kg (50.6-88 lbs);
2. Compatible with VESA 800×400 or lower (the Horizontal & Vertical distances between the mounting holes are 800mm and 400mm or lower respectively).
Most 37″ to 55″ LCD/LED touch screens, most 80″-120″ interactive whiteboards, and most 65″-75″ TVs meet both requirements, as well as some even bigger screens.

FAQ #1: Can I mount my 65″ / 75″ TV on the BalanceLift?

Yes if the TV weights 23-40 Kg and is VESA compatible. Most latest 65″-75″ 4K smart TVs are compatible like LG 75UK6500PLA 65UK6300PLB 65SK8000PLB 65UJ634V Samsung UE75NU7100 UE75NU8000 MU6100 UE65NU7100 UE75NU800.

FAQ #2: What if my TV/screen is heavier than 40Kg (or lighter than 23Kg)?

If the mounted display weighs > 40kg, it sinks to the bottom; if <23kg, it floats on the top.



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