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EDF24Q Back-to-Back Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk/ Bench Frame SIlver

  • £39998

The benefits of standing desks and sit-stand working gives the modern office worker the option to switch between sitting and standing throughout the working day. The added movement and flexibility has been scientifically proven to increase energy levels, focus, concentration and productivity as well as improvements in posture and well-being. The EDF24Q back-to-back standing desks are ideal for open-plan offices, you can join two or more together to form a working bench with the optional connector tray, and each user can adjust the desk height individually to suit them. Each EDF24Q sit-stand desk frame is supplied with 4 mounting brackets for privacy screens. The brackets sandwich the privacy screen in the middle, making it easy to mount the privacy screens and compatible with almost all desk privacy screens in the market. To get the most from your sit stand desk it is highly recommended you take a break or switch to standing position after sitting for 2 hours or more.edf24q electric sit stand desk privacy screen monitor arm

Key Features

  • Back-to-Back electric standing desk frame, join 2 or more together to form height adjustable work bench, ideal for large open plan offices.
  • Twin fast and quiet motors, adjust desk height from 69 to 119 cm in a few seconds.
  • Advanced remote controller with sit/stand timer and 3 memory presets, adjust height with a single touch
  • Heavy duty steel construction, stable and sturdy, support up to 100 kg per workstation (200 kg per double desk frame)
  • Telescopic frame, support desktop of width 100 - 180 cm and depth 50-80 cm
  • Optional connecting cable tray to joint two of the back-to-back standing desk together
edf24q electric standing desk work bench with spacer and cable tray


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