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TCP 4W Dimmable LED Warm White Light Candle Bulb - Bayonet B22 200 lumens ~30W Incandescent equivalent (with pack size Options)

  • £698

These dimmable LED candle light bulbs use efficient LEDs to emit 200 lumens of light; equivalent to traditional 20-30W Halogen / Incandescent candle bulbs. This along with a 25,000 hour life span means saving £100s each year in electricity and replacements. Perfect for replacing old dimmable bulbs for a more efficient lighting, while still maintaining the warm white colour.

With a standard B22/BC Bayonet cap and the popular candle bulb shape, these LEDs comply with all relevant UK and EU standards and safety regulations. The light bulb measures 101mm (height) x 36mm (diameter)- the standard size of candle lights in UK, and it will fit perfectly in these existing bayonet fittings.

Main features

  • High efficiency LEDs deliver 200 lumens of soft warm white light
  • Only 4W, Energy Rating: Class A+, use a fraction of equivalent traditional 30W candle light bulbs
  • 330° beam angle
  • Standard UK candle size: 101mm (Height) x 36mm (diameter); compliant with all relevant UK and EU safty regulations
  • Unique design combining the candle bulb lighting, the B22 fitting and the best SMD LED lighting technology; bright, efficient, compact, and light-weight
  • High efficiency means the bulbs don't get warm
  • This model is dimmable, you can using it with a dimmer switch to adjust the light level to your taste.

Note: NOT all dimmers work properly with dimmable LED bulbs. Some older dimmer switches require a certain amount of electric current passing through to operate. Since LED bulbs consume around 90% less electricity than traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs, some old dimmers can't detect their presence. So if your dimmer doesn't work with LEDs, you may need to replace it. Alternatively you can leave one halogen bulb in the circuit while replacing the rest with dimmable LEDs.Why you should choose LED


Can I use dimmable LED bayonet bulbs under a normal switch?
Yes, dimmable LED bulbs can be used with normal AND dimmer switches

Should I replace my energy saving tube lighting with LED bulbs?
Yes absolutely. LED bulbs switch on instantly, produce much more light, less heat, and last much longer.

Warranty Info

These TCP Dimmable B22 Bayonet LED Bulbs come brand new in retail boxes, with 2 years warranty.

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