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TCP 10W Bayonet B22 LED Bulb 810 Lumen (~60-70W Incandescent Lights) Warm White

  • £698

10W LEDs equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs in brightness while consuming a fraction of the power, with their warm white colour temperature and BC (B22) bayonet cap these are an ideal replacement for any BC bulbs in the home. 810 lumens light intensity at just 10 watts, and a long-lasting 25,000 hour lifespan, these LEDs could save you £100s in energy and replacement bulbs.

These bulbs are also available with an ES (E27) Edison Screw cap here.

The TCP range of LED bulbs comply with all relevant UK and EU standards and safety regulations. The light bulb measures 118mm (Height) x 60mm (diameter)- the standard size of A60 Globe bulbs in UK, so it will fit perfectly in all existing BC fittings.


What color of LED light should I choose? 
It depends: Warm White is soft and warm, ideal for living spaces, dining areas, and any other place where a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is preferred. Daylight White is more similar to how daylight looks, ideally suited for personal working spaces, offices, and retail shops.

Are these LED bulbs dimmable?
These bulbs are NOT dimmable. If you use it with a dimmer, it may flicker or stop working; Allcam supplies dimmable bulbs! Have a look at the Allcam Star Dimmable 7W flat A60 Globe Bulbs.

Warranty Info

These TCP LED bulbs come brand new in retail pack, with 2 years warranty.

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