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Allcam 7W LED GU10 Light Bulbs 550 lm ~60W Halogen (pack size & bean colour Options)

Allcam 7W LED GU10 Light Bulbs 550 lm ~60W Halogen (pack size & bean colour Options)

  • £598

Allcam 7W GU10 LED bulbs output 550 lumens (equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb) at a fraction of the original energy usage. Our high-power 7W GU10 LED lamps have a 45° beam angle, ideal for spotlights, downlights, and desk lamps.

The Allcam ECO range of LED GU10 lights are 50mm in height - the standard height of GU10 lights in UK, so will fit perfectly in fire-rated GU10 fixtures.

These bulbs' class A+ power rating, coupled with their 25,000 hour life, could save you £100s in electricity and replacement bulbs. Our 7W LED GU10 bulbs are available in Warm White or Daylight White.

Key Features

  • Energy Rating: Class A+
  • Size: 50mm (height) x 50mm (diameter)
  • Use around 90% less Energy than the equivalent halogen bulb
  • Solid construction with protective lens
  • For better safety all our LED bulbs have the light-emitting modules sealed; compliant with all relevant UK and EU safety regulations
  • High light transmittance lens, offers soft and uniform light; 45° beam angle, perfect as LED spotlights or downlights

    These LED GU10 light bulbs are available in Warm White 3000K or Daylight White 6000K options, see the comparison below.


    What color of LED light should I choose?
    It depends: Warm White is soft and warm, ideal for living spaces, dining areas, and any other place where a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is preferred. Daylight White is more similar to how daylight looks, ideally suited for personal working spaces, offices, and retail shops.

    Are these LED bulbs dimmable?
    These bulbs are NOT dimmable. If you use it with a dimmer, it may flicker or stop working; Allcam supplies dimmable bulbs! Have a look at Allcam Star Dimmable GU10 Bulbs.

    Warranty Info

    These Allcam Star GU10 LED Bulbs come brand new in retail boxes, with 2 years warranty.


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