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MDM12Q Quadruple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Bracket Tilt Swivel Rotate 4 Monitors

MDM12Q Quadruple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Bracket Tilt Swivel Rotate 4 Monitors

  • £6998

The MDM12Q quadruple desk mount bracket for four 15" to 27" LCD monitors. The four monitors to be mounted to one desk top in a 2x2 grid, the screens can be swivelled around and tilted, and their height adjusted, allowing the user to obtain the perfect desktop conformation. The adaptable screen positioning could also allow multiple people to have their screens mounted on the same stand.

MDM1X series multi monitor desk mount bracket one LCD monitor

The MDM12Q is the quadruple monitor version of the Allcam MDM1X series (MDM11, MDM12 ...) multiple monitor desk mount brackets with the same black finish, same modules, same features, and same mounting method.

Key Features

  • Tilt the screens up/down 15°
  • Freely swivel the screens left/right
  • Just rotate the monitors to choose between landscape or portrait
  • Adjustable height: monitors can be fixed at the exact level they are needed
  • Ultra-heavy-duty "C" clamp
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Fully adjustable arms: folding or opening
  • Extra heavy duty steel construction: up to 10 Kgs per monitor or 60 Kgs in total
  • High quality power-coated black finish
  • Suitable for all 15" to 27" LCD/LED monitors with VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting holes
  • Module based, allowing the stand to be easily modified in the future with other Allcam modules
  • 4pcs M4 bolts included to bolt monitor to the bracket (99% LCD/LED monitors use M4 bolts)

For more info, click MDM12Q Installation Manual


 MDM1X series multi monitor desk mount bracket dimensions

Allcam is a direct importer, we design and stock a range of wall brackets, floor stands and desk mount brackets for flat screen monitors/TVs, wholesale inquiries are welcome.

Warranty Info

These MDM11S LCD monitor desk mount stands come boxed brand new, with 5 years warranty.

The Allcam MDM1X series multiple LCD desktop mount brackets are carefully designed in modules - 
Further Info on MDM1X Series LCD Monitor Desk Mount:

  • Pole module (with clamp and cable holders): short pole 44cm (MDM10PS), long pole 72cm (MDM10PL), extra-long pole 100cm (MDM10PXL)
  • Arm Sections (MDM10AL): if the cantilever arm assembly in your MDM1X bracket is not long enough, you can add one or more arm sections. The long arm sections are 190mm (7.48") long, and the short arm sections are 130mm (5.12") long.
  • Joint locks: these modules connect the arm assemblies to the pole. The single joint lock (MDM10JLS) is for connecting one arm assembly (one monitor), and the dual joint lock (MDM10JLD) is for connecting two arm assemblies (two monitors)
  • VESA bracket (MDM10BKT): these first bolt to the monitors, and are mounted onto an arm assembly or joint lock

The preconfigured models are:

  • MDM11S: single monitor
  • MDM12D: twin monitors horizontally
  • MDM12Q: Quadruple monitors)

Customers can easily configure/customise a desktop bracket according to their own requirements. For example, if you want to mount two monitors vertically (one above another) on your desk, you can select 1 x MDMPL long pole, 2 x MDM10JLS single joint locks, and 2x MDM10BKT VESA brackets, see the MDM1X Modules image on the left for illustration.

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