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MDM0AL Long Arm for Allcam MDM0X series LCD Monitor Desk Mount Bracket

Extension Arm Section Module for Allcam MDM0-series LCD Monitor Arm Stands (arm length Options)

  • £798

Extension arm section module for Allcam MDM04 MDM05 MDM06 MDM07 series LCD monitor/TV arm stands. If you want to modify or enhance the MDM05, MDM06, or MDM07 desktop mount bracket, or want to configure your own desk mount bracket, then the arm module is an essention parts. The arm module has a hole at one end and an axis at the other end, and the axis will fit into the hole of another arm module so you can easily extend the total length of the desk mount bracket.

These long arm modules comes with an extra bit at the end (with hole), so they can not be fitted to the short-axis VESA bracket (MDM0BKT(S)). There are two different VESA Bracket modules: one with a longer axis, for fixing to joint locks or long arm modules with extra end bit (see image below), and one with shorter axis, for fixing to short arm modules or long arm modules with flat end (see image below), please select your option below.

vesa bracjet modules: long  short axis
long arm modules: with extra end bit vs flat end

The arm module are available in two lenghts: short 125mm and long 184mm. You are buying one piece of long module.

Please note these MDMAL arm modules are NOT suitable for MDM1X series desk mount bracket (MDM11S, MDM12D, MDM12Q), those models need the MDM10AL arm modules.

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