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GSD240 Gas Spring Dual Monitor Arm Stand with diagonal or horizontal extenstions

  • £14998

The Allcam GSD240 Gas Spring Monitor Stand mounts two LCD/LED monitor on one desk via a desk clamp or grommet (bolt through desk). It is ideal for corporate and professional offices where frequent adjustment of monitor height and position is important. Along with the extra extender arms, the GSD240 features gas spring technology, making it possible to change the monitors' heights / positions instantly. Simply use your hand to move the monitors around to the positions you desire and they float there like magic, NO tools required!

The GSD240 twin monitor gas-spring stands have two variants: the GSD240D with diagonal extensions, and the GSD240H with horizontal extensions. The additional arm extensions improve accessibility, giving the GSD240 a max. radius of 44cm (17.3").

If you need a simple solution for your office then look no further. With this dual-monitor stand you can mount two monitors for two different users and each monitor can still be adjusted individually in an instant.


The GSD240 monitor arm stand is compatible with LCD/LED monitors which weigh between 1.7 and 5 Kgs (3.7 to 11 lbs) and have VESA 75 or 100 mounting holes at the back, roughly 99% of all 17" to 27" monitors satisfy both requirements.

Key Features of GSD240 Gas Spring Dual Monitor Stand

  • Super easy and smooth to move the monitors to any position up to 44cm from the mounting point with bare hands, no tools required
  • Universal fit for all LED/LCD Monitors with VESA 75 or 100 mounting holes weighing between 1.7 and 5 Kgs
  • Tilt up/down 180°, free swivel left/right 360°
  • 130° screen rotation means the monitors can be displayed in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Mount to desk via desk clamp or bolt-through grommet (both options included in the package)
  • Quick release, move your LCD from one monitor stand to another in 5 sec. (if the burglar-proof screw not in use)
  • Mount two LCD/LED monitors side by side (for 1 user) or back to back (for 2 users)
  • Burglar proof security screw
  • Cable management built-in
  • Compatible with Allcam GS series monitor stand modules


The Allcam gas spring series of monitor stand is similar to the Ergotron LX and MX premium series' of monitor mounts but only half the cost, and much easier to assemble; anyone with a little DIY experience can mount a monitor in 5 mins instead of the 30 mins needed for Ergotron stands. Concerned with the quality? Allcam has 10 years experience in designing TV/monitor stands, we are so confident with the quality of our products we provide 5 years warranty on all our monitor stands.

Official models of gas spring monitor stands and standard modules

The Allcam Gas Spring series of monitor stands have the following official models:

  1. GSD100: desk mount LCD/LED monitor stand
  2. GSD110: desk mount monitor stand w/ extra horizontal arm section
  3. GSD110D: desk mount monitor stand w/ extra diagonal arm section
  4. GSW120: wall mount LED/LCD monitor stand
  5. GSW130: wall mount monitor stand w/ extra horizontal arm section
  6. GSW130D: wall mount monitor stand w/ extra diagonal arm section
  7. GSD240H: desk mount dual monitor stand w/ extra horizontal arm section
  8. GSD240D: desk mount dual monitor stand w/ extra diagonal arm section
  9. GSW250H: wall mount dual monitor stand w/ extra horizontal arm section
  10. GSW250D: wall mount dual monitor stand w/ extra diagonal arm section

Allcam Gas Spring (GS) series monitor stands are carefully designed in customer-configurable modules, if the above standard models do not satisfy your requirement, just configure your own stand with the following modules:

  • Arm sections: Gas Spring action arm (GS-GSA), horizontal extension arm (GS-AHor), and diagonal extension arm (GS-ADia)
  • VESA bracket (GS-BKT, fixes to the monitor)
  • Mounting Bases: Desk base (GS100-DB for single LCD, GS200-DB for dual LCD, desk clamp w/ grommet option), Wall plate (GS100-WP for single LCD, FS200-WP for dual LCD)
  • Wall Rail: for flexible mounting points on the wall (GSW-RS short rail, GSW-RL long rail)

    More info on Gas Spring Technology

    Gas spring technology is well established. Car enthusiasts are familiar with its applications, notably the mechanism which supports the opening/closing of hatchback doors. Allcam GS series monitor stands are designed with gas spring technology placed in the action arm. This allows you to adjust the arm smoothly when needed, yet keeps your monitor in the desired position. The gas spring assisted arms are rated for different weight ranges, for example, "1.5 to 6 kg", to ensure there is a proper counterbalancing.

    Warranty Info

    These GSD240 dual LCD monitor stands come brand new in a sealed box, with 5 years warranty.

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