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GSA20-series Gas SpringLCD Monitor Arm w/ Wall Mount

  • £5998

The Allcam GSA20-series Gas Power Monitor arm is ideal for organisations and professionals where frequent adjustment of monitor height and position is important. Featuring Gas Spring technology, the LCD monitor arms make it possible to change the monitor height / position with bare hand. Simply move the monitor to your desired position and it floats there like magic, NO tools required!

The GSA20-series gas-assisted arm is compatible with LCD/LED monitors which are:

  1. Weight between 1.5 to 7 Kg
  2. VESA 100 or 75 compliant (the 4 mounting holes at the back of LCD are 100mm or 75mm apart, as 99% of the 15 to 27" monitors are)
Key Features
  • Super flexible, simply use your hands to move your two monitors to any position within ~46cm radius of the mounting point, no tools required Universal;
  • Fits most 15"-27" LED/LCD Monitors with VESA 75 or 100 mounting holes AND weight between 1.5 to 7 Kg;
  • Tilt up/down 180°, free swivel left/right 360°, 360° rotation, mount the monitor in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Wall mount included, optional tool-bar mount (to mount onto desk screens with integrated toolbar)
  • Quick-release VESA monitor bracket, mount the monitor in a convenient place before hanging on to the gas arm
  • Cable management built in the arm itself, really discreet

Another unique feature is the possibility to convert the GSA20-series wall mount monitor arm into a tool-bar mount one, just order the same number of tool-bar mount adapter as the number of LCD monitors.

Toolbar mount adapter for GSA20-series

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