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LeisuPod Foldable Laptop Desk FD301M In-Bed Computting

LeisuPod Foldable Laptop Desk FD301M In-Bed Computting

  • £3998

Ever feel pain while computing or reading in bed? then LeisuPod is the answer. LeisuPod is a flexible and foldable desk that can be used in bed, on sofa, in the garden, on the beach, virtually anywhere! LeisuPod's unique design provides comfort and convenience for all kinds of tasks you wish to enjoy at leisure: surfing the net, reading, drawing, eating, painting, playing games...
FD301 foldable laptop desk: ultimate comfortness for on-bed computting and reading

Key Features

  • Portable, foldable, flexible, and compact
  • For comfortable leisure use on bed, in sofa, on beach, in park, and other places where normal tables cannot be found
  • Ideal for a wide range of desk-based activities,ensuring your body can relax during leisure pastimes
  • Quick and simple to set up, adjust and fold away
  • Prevents pains and strains caused by computing/reading in bed or on your lap
  • Freely adjustable height from 5cm to 40cm (FD301)
  • Freely adjustable viewing angle: from 0° to 90°
  • Stopper and elastic band prevent laptop/booksfrom sliding
  • Small 'V' shape cut out of desktop edge to aid mouse cable
  • Dimensions when fully folded: 62cm × 42cm × 4cm
  • Desktop dimensions: 48cm × 30cm
  • Holds up to 5Kg, strong enough for a 17" laptop
  • EU and US patented
LeisuPod FD301 foldable laptop desk: reading in bed

Remember the times when you tried to rest your laptop on your legs? You can't really forget the pain & fatigue after just a few minutes, or the pins and needles you ended up with. Those discomforts destroy the idea of leisure, doesn't it? This is where LeisuPod desks come to the rescue. They liberate you from those awkward back-arching and neck-straining postures, by taking the weight off your body and bringing the laptop up to your level, at the angle you choose.

LeisuPod can support all your hobby’s accessories or work desk’s essentials, from laptop computers to paintbrushes. There’s no real limit to the number of uses! Surfing the net, reading, drawing, typing, eating, painting, playing games... LeisuPod flexible desks come in handy for just about any sit-down pastime. So, whether you’re an artist or a computer geek, a reader or a chess player, these amazing products will prove invaluable, day after day.

LeisuPod FD301 foldable desks are available in five different colours: Beechwood (FD301M), Blue (FD301L), Green (FD301G), Red (FD301R), and Pink (FD301P).

LeisuPod FD301 foldable laptop desk: fashinable colours LeisuPod FD301 foldable laptop desk: drawing outside

Warranty Info

The LeisuPod FD301M are brand new in retail box with 2-years warranty.

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