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2 Pack - Green Catch Mouse Trap Pad Pest Traps Board

  • £438

  • Value pack 2pcs large mouse pad traps sized 220 x 340 mm (8.66" x 13.4") , the best price on the market
  • Open the trap carefully and place it where mice/pests have been previously observed. Once the pest has been trapped you can release or dispose it.
  • Use more than one trap if the area is infested. Fix them to the ground if necessary. For better effects you can also use them with bait.
  • The gel is a strong adhesive, odourless, ready to use, safe and sanitary, a new generation of enironmental products, it's not subject to weather change, non-toxic and environement-friendly.
  • The mouse pad can be used for other pest control like flies, bugs, cockroaches.

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