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Mini Amplifier/ Foldable Stereo Speakers

Mini Amplifier/ Foldable Stereo Speakers

  • £997

Mini amplifier is a foldable stereo speaker system for iPod, MP3 players, portable DVD player, laptops ... actually any device with headphone or stereo audio jack.

This mini amplifier yields very nice stereo sound which is normally greatly improved from the internal speaker of your laptop or portables DVD player both in quality and volume.

Powered by 4 x AA battery or powered by computer's USB ( USB power cable is £1.00 extra).

Foldable compact design: only 10 x 8 x 4.5 cm

Suitable for laptops, portable DVD players, iPod, MP3 player and any other device with head phone or stereo audio output jack (3.5 mm)

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