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eON TV PowerDown Energy Saving Plug: TV off, all peripherals off

eON TV PowerDown Energy Saving Plug: TV off, all peripherals off

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The eon TV Powerdown energy saving socket saves you money by automatically cutting off standby consumption by slave electric devices like setop boxes, DVD players/recorders, speakers/amplifiers etc. once your TV has been switched off. Unlike other energy saving plug extension leads where you must set up a timer or a separate remote control, all you do is to use your TV remote control to switch it off normally, then everything else connected to the slave socket will be switched off automatically ~ 2 min later.

The eon TV powerdown has three UK standard sockets, one for the master (your TV), one Permant on for device you want it to be on permanantly such as Sky, and one Slave for all peripheral devices. Got more than one peripheral? just connect a socket extension (not supplied).

The eon Powerdown power saving socket easily pays for itself in around 6 months from the energy it saved. Furthermore research suggests that leaving electrical equipment on standby can reduce its lifespan by an average of 15% and creates a needless fire risk.

eon TV Powerdown energy saving plug box

Key Features

  • Auto-calibration system will only switch your boxes on/off when appropriate. At the right time, every time.
  • TV PowerDown uses approximately 0.5 watts.
  • Total Maximum Power 13 amps, built in surge protection.
  • Permanent On Socket - The dedicated socket is designed specifically for any box that requires permanent power such as Sky.
  • Saves an average 11 watts per hour depending on the number of connected boxes.

Dimensions: 112mm x 112mm x 88mm
Weight: 358grams
Power Rating: 13amps
Official Model No: EONTVA106

Click here to download the eON TV PowerDown User Manual for more info eon TV Powerdown energy saving trust certification

eon TV powerdown energy saving plug is designed in UK by OneClick technologies which spent several years developing the world's first patented intelligent plug designed to work automatically and boasts a lifespan of at least 15 years. Tested to British Standards, RoHS compliant and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust the IntelliPlug's green credentials, integrity and reliability are endorsed by independently qualified technicians.

Warranty Info

These Eon energy savers are brand new, in retail box, 2 years warranty

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