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Wickes Remote Mains Electric Sockets with Handheld Remote

Wickes Remote Mains Electric Sockets with Handheld Remote

  • £1078

Twin Pack: Wickes Remote Control Socket Set Home Mains Wireless Remote Control Sockets Switch (1 Controller & 2 Sockets, 20m radio coverage, 13A, 240V, 1000W )

Main Features:

  • Allows you to switch off your electrical appliances at the mains at the touch of a button with included remote control unit
  • Operate hard-to-reach appliances and devices at the push of a button on the remotes - an ideal gift for home appliance control and holiday decorations such as Halloween, Christmas etc
  • Up to 20 METERS operating range. Strong RF signal works through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics and 1000W capacity / each outlet
  • Go Green, eliminate wasteful standby power and reduce energy use; save on your electric bills
  • This set include 1 controller and two sockets but the remote can control up to 3 sockets.


Command complete control over your outlets
This Wickes Remote Control Outlet Switch lets you remotely control hard-to-reach appliances and devices without built-in power switches. A strong RF signal works as far as 65 feet (20 meters) and through doors and walls without interfering with other electronics, allowing convenient control over small household appliances from across rooms or on second floors. Makes a wonderful gift for the elderly, pregnant women, or individuals with limited mobility.

The ultimate energy and money-saver
Many household electronics and appliances consume electricity even when not in use, wasting valuable energy and increasing your electric bill. In fact, on average UK households spend £30 a year powering appliances left in standby mode. By using this Wickes Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit to power off everyday electronic devices such as TVs, chargers, and even Christmas lights, it's easy to be energy-efficient and economical.

About Manufacturer: Wickes is a British home improvement retailer and garden centre, based in the United Kingdom and owned by Travis Perkins, with more than 230 stores throughout the country. We are taking positive steps to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste from our stores, offices and distribution centres, whilst making a concerted effort to source our materials and products from environmentally responsible suppliers and manufacturers.

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