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MMS05 Twin Monitor Table Stand: Dual LCD Arm Mount Bracket

MMS05 Twin Monitor Arm Stand w/ free-standing Heavy Duty Desk Base

  • £5498

Similar to the popular MDM05 dual monitor stand, the MMS05 twin monitor arm stand mounts two LCD monitors side by side on one desk. The height of the monitor arm can be adjusted between 10 and 40cm from the desk, while the monitors' viewing angle and the screen orientation (landscape or portrait) can be easily changed. Due to their ease of adjustment, these multiple monitor stands are a popular choice for stock traders, mortgage/insurance brokers, solicitors, accountants, and IT offices.

The MMS05 dual monitor desk stand is compatible with all LCD monitors which have VESA 50, 75, or 100 mounting holes at their backs and weigh no more than 6Kgs each.  If the monitors are wider than 60cm/each or bigger than 24" in nominal size, you may need to purchase additional long arm modules.

MDM05 multiple monitor desk mount bracket: twin screens

The Allcam MMS0-series of multiple monitor arm stands feature a free-standing heavy-duty base. This differs from the MDM0-series monitor arm stands which feature a desk clamp. As a result the MMS0-series can be used on glass desks/tables where a clamp can not be used.

Key Features

  • Mount two LCD monitors side by side on one table, if the monitors are wider than 60cm/ea or bigger than 24" in nominal size, you may need to purchase additional long arms modules
  • Universal fit for all LCD/LED monitors with VESA 50, 75, or 100 mounting holes weighing no more than 6Kgs each (13.2lbs each)
  • Tilts, folds, and rotates, 130° rotation, 30° tilt up and down
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy duty metal base and pole, can support up to 24Kgs/52.8lbs in total
  • Cable holders on pole for easy cable management

There are four standard models in the MMS0-series of monitor desk stands: MMS01 (single monitor), MMS05 (twin monitors), MMS06 (triple monitors), and MMS07 (quadruple monitors). In addition, you can easily customize your own monitor stands with the following standardized modules and accessories:

  1. Pole Module: Long pole 70cm (MMS0PL) and Short pole 40cm (MMS0PS),
  2. Arm Module: Long arm 18.4cm (MDM0AL) and Short arm 12.5cm (MDM0AS), interchangeable with the arms in MDM04 / MDM05 / MDM06 / MDM07 / MDM0D models
  3. Joint Lock Module (clamps arm to pole): Joint lock single (MDM0JLS) and Joint lock dual (MDM0JLD), interchangeable with the joint locks of MDM04 / MDM05 / MDM06 / MDM07 / MDM0D / MDM02 models
  4. Accessories: iPad VESA adapter, Laptop Tray, VESA Keyboard, VESA mini keyboard, hang down VESA adapter vertical to horizontal, CPU holder

Warranty Info

These MMS05 multi monitor mount table stands come brand new in sealed box, with 5 years warranty.

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